Monday, September 6, 2010

How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

(The title of this post has nothing to do with our week, other than we watched The Sound of Music last night and the song 'How do you solve a problem like Maria' is stuck in my head.)

The wonderful fall storms have begun to roll in and bring cooler temperatures. Fall storms are more welcome than their violent sisters - spring storms. Usually no one ends up in the bathtub wearing bike helmets. (***Please see update at the end of this blog post, fall storms are dangerous too.)

Just a gentle rain, temperatures in the high 50's, and a swift breeze

After dinner we ended up on the back porch with friends. Ava disappeared in the house and came back with her pink umbrella.

Thanks to Geoff for these sweet shots.
Watching the sky
Nope, no lightening here

The darling profile that we've loved since the ultrasound - Daddy's nose all the way.

Peach Bellinis courtesy of the Wilsons, delicious

Over Labor Day we headed to Texas for many celebrations: Pa's 80th birthday, Nan & Pa's 60th wedding anniversary, and Nolan Lee's baby shower!

I stitched this banner for little Mr. Crawford,

made this hooter hider for Aunt Sarah,

and made this Baby Belly Bag (thanks Robyn).

Look who we found in the closet when we arrived at Mimi and Coach's house. Hope is afraid of gunshots. Since Labor Day weekend is also the beginning of dove season in Texas, she spent most of the weekend in this very spot. Today as we were packing to leave Ava asked me, "Why do the bad men shoot all of my birds and scare Hopie?" I did my best to explain it, but I may have to refer her to Pops or Uncle Brandon.

On our way to the birthday/anniversary party we were stopped by a very long, very slow train. Our little scout decided to check things out from the roof.

Saturday was our first time to meet Josh's new (twin) baby cousins, Kathryn and Kendra.

Jaryn and Mimi enjoying some baby snuggles. I really wish I'd taken more pictures of the big girls, but they were having too much fun playing together.

It wouldn't be a trip to Frost without a Scrabble battle. Unfortunately Beene Beene, who usually beats us all, was feeling under the weather. Jaryn and Dusty each took their turn trouncing Josh and me.

Ava and Coach played a lot of potato head. At one point there was dialogue of the two potato heads ordering french fries at an imaginary drive through, hilarious. I'm sure Mimi and Coach are ready for a few nights of quiet.

Later that evening Dusty and Ava enjoyed their first-ever viewing of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

Four bags of popcorn later these two were officially 'Locketts', well not officially. We've got to schedule a viewing of The Music Man to really seal the deal.

So remember earlier in this post when I said the fall storms were gentle? Guess this crazy, always extreme Oklahoma weather didn't take too kindly to that statement. Evidently the storms over the weekend were a little stronger than we thought. As soon as I posted our neighbor knocked on the front door and asked if we'd been in the backyard.

Turns out the fence connecting our yards was blown down. He managed to put up several panels, but we'll need a little professional help with the rest.

I'm not complaining though, they've got a pool...strike that, we've got a pool!


Claire's World said...

Crazy storms!! The rain is supposed to start here tomorrow and rain off and on for the next 10 days!!! Just as I start back to work - starting work off with indoor recess is NOT a good thing!!!

kstein said...

A, you are so crafty and creative! Loved Sarah's "hooter hider" hehe! And the Nolan Lee flags are adorable! Give miss Ava a big ole' hug for us! She can come and cuddle with our dog in the closet anytime!