Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Obi Juan

Josh, Ava, Levin, and I are so excited to announce that we are adding a sweet new baby to our family in early January!

 I saw two pink lines on the morning of May the 4th (Star Wars Day), so I started calling the baby Obi Wan.  Later that evening, I talked Josh into taking me out for drinks, a "just because" Monday night date.  He ordered two Russian Donkeys (Josh's version of the Moscow Mule) at the bar, and returned, handing me one.  I gave him a card when he sat down, and he jokingly said, "If you weren't drinking that, I'd think you were about to tell me you're pregnant."  I kept the straw in my mouth, of course not drinking a thing.  He opened the envelope, saw the card announcing the baby, and was so surprised!  Then he grabbed the drink away from me, and took one for the team - finishing both drinks by himself.  In the past, he has given me a hard time because I always announce a new pregnancy by holding a pee-soaked stick over him at 6:00 in the morning, crying and shaking and totally questioning my ability to handle it.  I felt like a total rock star keeping this baby a secret all day and telling him in a fun way!

In the weeks that followed our baby discovery, my cravings for queso got a little out of control so I started calling the baby Obi Juan.  It stuck.  So far this pregnancy has been pretty easy.  I've been nauseous and tired, but haven't gotten sick at all or had any troublesome miscarriage scares.  We've seen Obi Juan on ultrasound twice now, both times baby was kicking and waving.  At 11 weeks, when the little stinker wouldn't cooperate with the Doppler for a heartbeat check, Dr. Anderson checked in with an ultrasound.  Obi Juan was kicking off one side of its little home and backstroking across!  I'm always so relieved to see a healthy baby on the screen.

Ava and Levin are excited about having another sibling.  Ava insists it is a girl.  Levin insists it is a "brudder."  Josh would like a boy, mostly because he likes our boy name best.  I am torn.  I'd love to have another little girl, and since Ava is a January birthday too, I would be able to use all of her darling little clothes again.  I'd also love to give Levin a brother so close in age.  I know the two of them would have such a fun brother relationship.  Either way, we will be thrilled.  My sweet, former "law school widow" sonographer friend is going to sneak a peek for us on August 3.  Ava won't be in town, so we'll wait until she returns home to announce the baby's flavor.  

My official due date is January 12.  Ava and Levin both arrived exactly seven days before their due dates, so I'm guessing we'll have a baby very soon after the New Year!  The due date does throw a bit of a wrench in our traditional "to Texas for Christmas" plans.  Six hours in the car at 8 and 3/4 months pregnant is a no go.  So Josh and I are going to celebrate our first Christmas morning with our kiddos at home.  It will be different, but we're looking forward to starting new holiday traditions with our family.

 I'm sure some of you local folks have been wondering about my expanding waistline.  I've seen the side-eye from a few of you.  No, I haven't been binging Swirls at The Mont.  I have a legitimate excuse for this belly-that-is-determined-to-be-seen.  Fourth pregnancies are tough to hide, y'all. 
We are all so thankful for this sweet little gift, and so happy to finally share the news with everyone!

Presenting Obi Juan Lockett
image captured at 10 weeks