Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of Skulls and Cellulite

I started out my week by hitting the jackpot for Ava clothes at the Just Between Friends sale in Norman.  Thanks to a sweet friend who consigns I was fortunate enough to get first dibs on the clothes at the preview sale Sunday evening.  I was second in line this year and my hour-long wait was so worth it.

Unfortunately I didn't find any clothes with the one thing Ava requested - skulls.  This kid is the ultimate paradox.  She'd always rather wear a dress or a skirt (sound familiar Aunt Sarah?) and loves things that Sparkle.  However, before we left for Switzerland I bought her some pajamas that had skulls on them.  I didn't even notice them until Ava pointed them out to me.  She says they make her feel brave and tough.  In the picture below she's making her scary skull face.

Her favorite part about these skulls is that they have a hair bow.  When I asked her if there was anything in particular she'd like from the clothes sale she said, "I'd like some more clothes with skulls wearing bows please...or skeletons."  Seriously?  Only Ava James.

On Monday night we celebrated an early Mardi Gras with a delicious King Cake.  The next morning Ava wanted to wear the necklaces to school, but was torn.  "We aren't allowed to bring toys to school and these necklaces look like toys," she fussed.
She continued putting the necklaces on and then taking them off until we were ready to get in the car.  I finally asked her if she would like me to clear the necklaces with her teacher when we arrived at school.  Her answer, "I think that'll be best."
Of course the necklaces were allowed, and she was thrilled to wear them.  Fun within strict parameters, you see, it's the key to success for an Ava James.

Ava returned to her beloved Bart Conner Gymnastics classes on Wednesday!

On Thursday I headed to Lawton, Oklahoma for a recruiting event.  I had to pull over and snap a picture of the surprising "mountains" that sprouted along my drive.  They were such an unexpected surprise - and a reminder of beauty along our journey, as long as we're willing to see it.

Is there a happier scene to come home to?

Ava watched an episode of Arthur earlier in the week and a chef made lettuce wraps in between episodes.  Josh found the recipe online and they were all set to make dinner.

Yes, she's using a real knife.  She was so careful and diced the celery beautifully.

Look at all the yummy veggies about to go into the wok.

I wish this blog had a smell-component.

The finished product

First taste

The verdict

I really hate to do this to you, but I had to share my fist-ever People of Walmart shot.  Please note that it was about 30 degrees outside on the day I took this picture.

 In much, much sweeter news we finally made it back to Shawnee to see the Millers.  Ms. Abigail has grown so much in these past few weeks.  Josh was finally brave enough to hold her.

Ava could not get enough of sweet Abby.

Maybe Josh was a little smitten too.

Sweet little smiles all around

We visited the church where Ray is pastoring.

I found a book I'm sure I need (at least according to Galinda) at their library sale:

Three Millers in front of FBC Shawnee

Coffee shop snuggles

Sugar highs

A precious mama I love

Just us girls, loving our miracle babies

The trees around here are budding out...does this mean winter is over?  Also, did it ever really start?  Bah humbug.

A jumping bean I love

On Sunday we went bowling with Averie and her family after church.

Averie was Ava's first-ever school friend.  When Ava was nervous at her new school, Averie was kind to her.  When Ava was sick and feeling gross and her mean old mama didn't listen and made her go to school anyway, Averie handed her tissues and comforted her through tearful days.  All three Locketts are so thankful for a sweet, thoughtful Averie in our lives.

We all had a blast bowling.

Of all the bowling allies I've ever been in this one smelled the best.  I caught no whiff of feet or cigarettes.   

Bowling lessons with Daddy

The girls quickly learned that pretty colors don't matter in bowling, it's all about whether or not you can lift the ball from the shelf.

Ava had a great first game, and almost out-scored Mommy.

Sunday night we settled in to watch The Oscars and Ava became an artist.

Monday morning brought another interview for HLS.  Prayers coveted!

On Tuesday a  thoughtfully soft and warm birthday gift arrived from Aunt Sarah, Uncle Brandon and Nolan.

And now, as promised, a tour of my office.

Here's one of my favorite views on my morning commute.

The view from the door

Full view

Cute owl hangers, in lieu of a coatrack

Some old OU prints

The sitting area - this is where the recruitment magic happens

On the table: OU Law leather coasters, Trivial Pursuit cards, an owl candy dish (with Jolly Ranchers right now because I gave up chocolate for Lent), and my 3rd grade copy of To Kill A Mockingbird  - including my 8-year-old signature

Book shelf, lamp and filing drawers

Reading materials and printer cabinet

My desk

Front view

On top of filing drawers

On top of printer cabinet (see my cute iPad cover?)

Behind the desk

My view 

It's such a cozy spot.  I'm so thankful for the warmth and kindness I experience at work every day.  I hope it translates to the students who visit.  Thanks for sharing in our week through this blog.  Come back soon for a post of Ava-isms.