Sunday, August 28, 2011

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow

One sweaty Saturday we took the youth group to a Redhawks game in Oklahoma City.


Despite the crazy heat we had a great time.

After a couple of innings, and several foul balls hit near us, Ava leaned over to me and said, "Did anybody tell those boys the rules about this game?  The ball is supposed to stay on the field."  Oh my little rule follower.  Life will be so frustrating for her.

First taste of funnel cake

Sweet friend Kade came to sit by Ava at her request.

Josh, Ava and I spent some time helping the fantastic TC set up her new 1st grade classroom.

I found this La Vie Boheme shirt for Ava for $4 at TJ Maxx.  It is both of our favorite shirt right now.  Do not judge me for letting Ava listen to the shirt's namesake song from Rent.  It endeared the shirt to her even more.

 Would Señorita Cautious-Pants go down the inflatable water slide?  Heck no.  But she did enjoy watching the older kids play on it.

Instead, she passed her time in the baby pools.

Thanks for your continued patience with our meager blog posts as we pack and prepare to leave for Switzerland.  As if we aren't excited enough to be traveling to a foreign country for three months, check out this forecast!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ah Nerts

This summer is zooming by, and I have very few pictures to show for it.  Blame it on the excessive heat, busy schedules, and intense drama trying to find a place to live for our fall in Switzerland - but my camera has been camped out in our front closet at home.  Here's a quick glimpse of what we've been doing for the past month:

Josh took these lovely ladies to the zoo for one of our youth events.

Ava and I joined the wonderful Waggoners for Wednesday movies in Oklahoma City.

We treated the kiddos to a riverboat ride after the movie.

Ava's face is looking way less like a baby girl and way more like a big girl.

Laughing at the ducks on the bank

JJ pointed out some exciting sights from our ride.

Sonic corporate headquarters

A fancy bronze sculpture

It's really quite impressive

Later we hosted a youth game afternoon.  We planned to go to a local amusement park, but decided it was WAY too hot to be outside.

We taught the younger youth members how to play Nerts.

Kind of daunting in the beginning, 

but by the end of our afternoon they were doing great.

Although our senior, Andrew, still schooled us most rounds.

We spent my favorite Sunday afternoon ever on the Waggoner's boat.

I love the way the Waggoner four kiddos include and love on Ava just like she's one of them.

Later Ava J tubed with Kade.

What you won't see pictured in this blog is Josh and I (and our friends, the Bunsons, who are traveling to Switzerland with us) pouring over an endless stream of housing options written in German and French.  After pleading with the dean of our law school who called the university in Luzern on our behalf, we're almost certain that we have a flat for the fall!  Still waiting on final word, but we're very hopeful.  Josh leaves for Luzern in 26 days and we had no idea where we were going to live.  Needless to say, things have been pretty nuts around here.  

Now that our living situation has fallen into place it seems SO real that we're leaving.  Ava asks us every day, "How long until we fly to Switched-erland?"  I promise that our blog is about to get infinitely more interesting and regularly updated...bear with me as I prepare to move around the world.  I'm only SO magical and something has to give.  Blog regularly or remember to pack Ava's nebulizer?  The choice is clear here folks.