Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catch Up...not the tomato kind

Most Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons this is what I come home to. Funny, this is how they look when I leave on those days too.

Mrs. Tammy Humphrey invited Ava to see Dennis Lee's Nana Puddin' at her church a few Wednesday nights ago. It was a great show with fabulous company.

Ava looking precious in her first ever ponytail.

Bubbles (Judy, doesn't this look SO much like Josh in his bubblebath picture?)

Funny story: On good Friday I kept hiding plastic eggs throughout the house and Ava would find them and put them in her basket. We were practicing for the real hunt at my parents house. She decided that it was my turn to hunt, so she sent me to another room while she hid the eggs. About one minute later she ran back to tell me it was time to find the eggs. As I walked into the living room this is what I saw. She exclaimed, "Mommy, did ya' found them?" I pretended to hunt all around...silly girl.

When Mom and Dad hosted Disciple Now a few months ago their front porch swing broke. Ava was thrilled that Pops had fixed it in time for the Easter egg hunt.

Ava hunted for eggs. She would shake them, and if they didn't rattle she'd leave them on the ground. No hard-boiled eggs for this little lady.

Uncle Nate helped Ava AND looked stylish holding the pretty pink basket that Baba made.

The adults cheered on the little hunters.

Later we went to Frost and Ava and Coach invited us to go for a ride in the red truck with them. Usually this is an exclusive excursion for just the two of them. They roam around the cow pasture, throw rocks in the ponds, explore ant beds, get the newspaper for Beene Beene...very important tasks. We were excited that she decided to let us come for once!

Last weekend we went to Norman to get to know the area a little better. We decided to rent a house, and we needed to look at neighborhoods. Ava slept for most of the way to Oklahoma, only 4.5 hours from Waco.

We were thrilled when Ava's new school was open at 7:00 pm. The fabulous director and some of the staff were changing out some centers, and graciously let us take a quick tour. This is Ava in her new classroom (also my new classroom).

After a long car trip we promised Ava some swimming time in the hotel pool.

She could not wait to jump in the water.

Swimming with Daddy

After a nice swim and bath we ordered pizza and salads. Ava enjoyed a Shirley Temple with her dinner.

As she laid in her own Queen bed after that night Ava sat up and sweetly said, "I like my new house." We've been telling her about the upcoming move to Oklahoma, and she thought this was it. Josh and I still haven't decided how to tell her that we won't be living at the Embassy Suites.

Josh and Ava posing in front of the glass bridge at the botanical gardens in Oklahoma City. What a great trip!

This weekend we celebrated Aunt Jaryn and Mimi's birthdays in Frost. On Saturday we enjoyed dinner al fresco at a restaurant in Fort Worh. After our meal Coach and Ava explored a gigantic tree.

The original Lockett 4...what a cute family.

the three Locketts

Ava is a girl who loves sandwiches (Joey from Friends has nothing on this gal). This is probably her favorite kind, an Ava sandwich with grandparent bread.

Though some of the moving plans aren't going exactly how I thought they would, I'm excited about the transitions coming up for our little family. Something about being in college and making big changes every semester has made me eager for new things. Ava and I are savoring our time with Josh, knowing that in August he'll be very busy...working hard to be number one in his class (our goal).

Here are a few things I am thankful for right now (in no particular order):
I am so thankful that God has put Ms. Ava in our lives. It is a comfort to know that we'll have each other in our new town.
I am also thankful for our new friends, who have already volunteered to meet us with dollies when we move in AND know all the best places to eat in Norman AND Oklahoma City.
I'm thankful for a husband who will graduate with his Masters in Theological Studies on May 15. I'm thankful that he's handsome, smart, and loves Ava and me even when we're grouchy.
I'm thankful for our families who support us in prayer, random checks, love and free babysitting.
I'm thankful that after Wednesday the TAKS will be over, and I hope to never see it again.
I'm thankful for our little church, for the healing it's given us and the happy place it is for Ava.
Thanks for reading my musings. Take a few second and comment on this post. Tell me what you're thankful for.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scenic Evenings & $300 Toilet Paper

This time of year Josh, Ava, and I love to get lost on the little dirt roads around our house. Here are a few of the highlights from our most recent trip.

Mommy smiling like a goofball, Ava looking glamorous

Daddy at the wheel
(if you look closely you can see Kanye West, Love Lockdown playing on the radio)

gorgeous sunset


goats, a tree, and some cows


a tree tunnel over the road

sometimes all that driving works up our appetite

Please don't mistake the last portion of this post for "sour grapes". However, the Baylor Law scholarship folks really put our little family through a roller coaster ride. For almost two months they promised to "have a final decision by early next week". We knew Josh was accepted, but couldn't ever get a straight answer about funding. We acknowledge that God had something completely different in mind for us, and are thankful for our Oklahoma-singing-neon-flashing sign. Even so, I still hiss when we drive by the law school in me immature or a good Aggie, either way I am what I am. ANYWAY, this week Josh and I have had two good laughs at the expense of Baylor Law.

Laugh #1: They sent him an email requesting a 100% "Yes" that he would be attending, though they already greedily gobbled up our $300 non-refundable seat deposit (paid while we were still in limbo). They want the answer within the week. It took every ounce of self-control in me not to send an email to them that said "We'll have a final decision by early next week." Grrr. They'll find out he's not coming when his hot body isn't in the seat on May 4.

Laugh #2: Josh received this lovely t-shirt in the mail. Know what I call it?

$300 toilet paper