Monday, June 29, 2015

Spring into Summer

Our sweet Levy Bear turned two on March 22!  We had a small Curious George themed party, and he enjoyed a banana split to celebrate.  Watching his little personality develop has been so much fun.  He is way less serious than his big sister, and is the king of making goofy faces when he feels like he's accomplished something.  He loves any activity involving a ball:  soccer, t-ball, balloon ball, jingle ball, or "back and forth" more commonly known as catch.  He is thorough.  He can make a mess like no other, but will work diligently to clean up every last little piece.  We love our Lev!

Easter bunnies


Even though she decided not to continue with soccer, Ava finished out the season and continued to improve and learn new skills.  She went to her second tournament in Tulsa, where tornadoes and mud-soaked fields made for an interesting weekend.  Ava enjoyed playing a team sport and developing sweet friendships with her teammates.  We are proud of her commitment and positive attitude!


Sometimes parents have to take a timeout.  Our 10th wedding anniversary passed in January, without much fanfare.  It's just a wacky time of year with so many birthdays and Christmas and new semesters starting.  We decided to delay our celebration until the summer.  A work trip for me happened to fall at the perfect time in Josh's trial schedule, so we spent an amazing workcation in sunny San Diego.  We loved the Hotel del Coronado and enjoyed some quiet days together, but were eager to return home to our babies at the end of the trip.


After almost six years of Oklahoma living, we finally have a bonafide tornado shelter!  I can't even tell you the relief this little piece of happy underground has brought our family.  We should have done it years ago.  Shout out to Smart Shelters for a wonderful purchasing and installation experience.

This summer brought some challenges in chess strategy style childcare.  The amazing Uncle Nate went back to school (Boomer!) and started working, so it was time for us to find happy places for our littles outside the house.  We were so thrilled to keep Lev at home for the first two years of his life.  It took sacrifice, gymnastic flexibility, and a fair amount of bargaining but we made it work.  I know I'm weird, but it was important to me.  When we tried group care for Ava James around 2-years, she wasn't ready.  Levin is a different story.  He loves the nursery and Gymboree.  He was ready for experiences with kids his age.  The solution for him came in the form of a small in-home care option.  The children garden, care for farm animals, go on many field trips, and have two loving grownups who share just as many kisses as early literacy skills.  We are so pleased with Lev's little school.

Ava is at a tricky age for childcare.  She's an independent homebody who isn't old enough to stay home alone yet.  No one solution seemed to be the right fit.  I don't want her summer to feel like the school year.  In the end, we decided to patchwork a variety of options to make a fun summer extravaganza for her.  Her summer will be spent with wonderful friends, fun baby-sitters, at acting camp, with grandparents, at work with mom and dad, and anyone else who wants an adorable 8-year-old (seriously, text me). 

Here's a little peek into her summer so far:


Here's a little peek into Levin's summer so far:

We are thankful every day for these two little gifts.  Some days are hard, and some nights are long and filled with two-year molar pain.  Sometimes we roll our eyes at each other, and argue about who exactly made us late to church (spoiler alert: it's always me.  Always.)  But the good times together always shine brighter than the sputtering storm clouds.  Here's to the rest of the summer being filled with sunshine!