Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our big girl!

Those are my presents Daddy!

Helping Mommy open gifts.
Courtney and Daddy give Ava a Dum Dum.
Signing "more" cake!
Yummy cake!

Showing everyone how old she is.

Opening birthday gifts with Daddy.
Walking outside with Bun Lockett.
Happy 1st birthday Ava James!
Not so sure about the birthday song...why is everyone looking at me?
Ava and Courtney check out the birthday decorations.
Ava signing "more" cake while sitting in her birthday throne high chair.
Cute Canton overalls...ready to go out!
Our smiley girl!
Daddy crashes bath time!
Sitting in her wooden wagon checking her mail.

Ava and Bun Lockett in the swing.

This post is full of Christmas, first birthday, and a bath. The holidays and TAKS test have absorbed all of my blogging time! I promise to post more after March 5...unless any of you are interested in helping me grade 63 essays a week. Ava is growing into a very sweet toddler. She can say dada, mama, kitty, doggy, necklace, bye bye car, bites, that?, and no. She can identify nose, eyes, mouth, ears and bellybutton. She signs more and eat. Her favorite things to do include turning on off the light switch, popping bubbles, taking baths, feeding the neighborhood pets on the back porch, eating kiwis, and swinging outside. She can also give sloppy kisses. I can't wait to be home with her this summer. We are planning to play, and swim, and visit many friends!