Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Detour Post

Our good friends, Courtney, (whom Ava calls KitKat), and Patrick babysat one night while Josh and I saw The Dark Knight. Click on the link below to see pictures from her evening:

Broaddus Blog

Thanks for watching her guys!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summertime and the livin is easy

I figured out the spacing problems...yay!

Ava loves cherries! (Either that or she just slaughtered Barney the purple dinosaur.)

Our poor baby girl is allergic to mosquito bites. Her left eye was so swollen!

One day while Josh was at school and I was doing laundry, Ava wore my Midway ID badge and shuffled around in my pink tennis shoes. She looked silly!

On July 5th we went out on the boat.

Pops, BaBa, Ava, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Brandon, and Daddy enjoy a picnic lunch while Mommy snaps a quick photo.

After a tough day of cruising the lake, swimming, and eating her weight in watermelon, Ava enjoys a much needed nap.

Since Mimi and Aunt Jaryn went to Houston to shop...I mean to house sit, we invited Coach to meet us for dinner. We were so disappointed that the Lyon's Park train was broken! Ava settled for the Thomas train set at Barnes & Noble. She was so excited about the train that she squeezed Coach's arm!

Ava showed all of us where to sit. If anyone tried to stand up she would point at their empty seat and say, "Sit". I choose to believe that she's not bossy, just a born leader!

This was Daddy's assigned seat.

Ava enjoyed the fish tank at our pediatrician's office so much that we decided to buy her a beta fish. She will sign fish and beg to sit on the counter to watch him. We are waiting for her to give him a name. I was so excited to catch this sweet shot of Ava and Daddy observing our new pet.