Thursday, May 17, 2012

Basking in that Light at the End of the Tunnel

I adore Pinterest, you can follow my boards by clicking the Pinterest button to the right of this post.  I am inspired to make things like this: (Spray a muffin tin, lay a piece of Canadian bacon in the bottom, then a slice of sharp cheddar, then crack an egg and stir in a bit of salt and pepper with a fork, breaking the yolk. Cook until egg is done in a 375 degree oven.  Bake your favorite biscuits.  I made 10 of these on Sunday evening and we at them for breakfast all week!)

I also find things like this on Pinterest.  Nobody thinks this picture is funny except for me, but it tickles me enough to make up for everyone else's lack of humor, ahem Josh.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to fly on OU's private plane to a recruiting event in Dallas.  What a pleasant experience!  Not being groped by TSA, leaving my phone and shoes on the entire time, and a car met us on the runway.  Magic.

The views from the OU Law alum's office where we held the recruit event:

 The Bave is totally addicted to all things Lego, much to our delight.

Ever wondered the best way to get through law school finals?  What about with your best girl cheering you on at every turn

Through snuggles, hugs, puzzle breaks, songs and bike riding lessons, Ava cheered Josh on as he finished the last finals of his law school career.

And he did it; on Wednesday, May 9,  Josh finished his law school education!

I am so thankful for my hard-working husband (pictured above) and this sweet little princess friend (pictured below) who have given me so much joy in this journey over the past three years.

On Friday Ava was officially diagnosed with asthma.  We finally managed to make it to her doctor during an attack and he confirmed what we've suspected for years - she has asthma.  Some good meds and inhalers cured the cough that wouldn't quit (for the past 3 1/2 months) and our sweet girl finally started the road to respiratory recovery.  Even though she spent Saturday resting and breathing easy indoors, I took the day to do some light housecleaning and then soaked up some sun in the backyard.  I'm so ready for summer.

Ava's preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea Party on Friday, May 11.  On the morning of the tea party I was dressing for work and Ava informed me that I wasn't "fancy enough".  Lately she is only happy in a dress or skirt.  On days when I force her to wear shorts or pants to school, the first thing she does upon arriving home is strip out of them and put on a dress.  (I invested in several pair of these genius little undershorts, Monkey Bar Buddies, because I hate the idea of her panties-only bottom on the playground or sitting in the floor.  They are light, breathable, short and cute - plus they come in a handy little carrying pack that we can use again.)  Anyway, I conceded to wear a fancy dress on my only jeans day of the work week to keep Ms. Fancy happy.

When I arrived at the school, Ava met me at the door and escorted me to my chair in the circle.  The kiddos were sitting in the floor in front of their mommies.  It was precious.

With my sweet girl

They sang some love and mommy themed songs while standing right in front of us, so much better than standing them in a line at the front of the room.  I was just a puddle of mommy in the chair.

Then they presented us with daisies, following a particularly puddle-making song about daisies and loving us forever, and a gift of books they made about us.  

According to Ava:

 *out of all the food I cook for her, the favorite is a grilled cheese we made in Switzerland. 

*my favorite drink is, "Well...that would have to be coffee."
whew, I was totally expecting 'mommy juice' on that one

*my favorite show is The Brady Bunch
actually Gilmore Girls, but whatever

*I'm 29 years old
some of the moms were, according to their kiddos,  as young as 4 and as old as 70

*the thing that makes me happy is for her to snuggle me in the mornings
definitely one of my happiest times

I would say she knows her ol' mom pretty well.

Later, she brought me a plate of snacks with very steady hands.

Two fancy-dressed Lockett girls

Later on that busy Friday Mimi, Coach, Jaryn and Dusty came to celebrate Josh's graduation reception at the law school.

Both of these girlies have grown up so much since our time together in Switzerland.

In the Bell Courtroom

I had to snap this picture of Josh in front of his favorite study spot.

Just like Scout and Atticus

Can you believe he's done?

In the library

I love this shot that Ava snapped.

What a happy day

Look at us surviving law school

Family and friends helped us celebrate the end of law school

HLS had a really good time

Early on a foggy Saturday morning we all made our way to Oklahoma City to watch Josh graduate

Last-minute sprucing up from a proud mama

Josh's cheering section

The sweet Miller family made the trek to cheer Josh across the stage too.

And there he goes

officially hooded

and across the stage

with Dean Harroz

Sadly blurry, but I had to include this shot of Ava and Josh rushing into a celebratory hug.

Obligatory 'parents flanking the graduate' shot (ala Gilmore Girls)

We did it!

The Raines crew with HLS

The San Miguels and HLS

Lockett fam

Josh with Dean Harroz

The precious Wilson family.  Susie and Geoff were vital in getting us to Norman.  They've continued to be faithful friends through the journey.
Fun fact #1: Susie is now my boss at OU Law.
Fun fact #2: Susie and Geoff are adding a 3rd Wilson to their family soon.  Hooray for squishy babies!

Brandon, Sarah, and Nolan also came up to Norman to celebrate Josh's graduation with us.

Playing in the backyard

We ended the weekend playing at a local park.

Law school graduate or not, it was playtime.


Thanks to everyone who sent cards and emails, called and came to help us celebrate.  Of course Josh still has the bar to study for, but a chapter in our lives has closed.  We are thankful for the past three years: the friendships formed, lessons learned, and memories we'll always treasure.  We look forward to the next phase of our lives, where the only Lockett in school will be Ava J in kindergarten.  KINDERGARTEN?!  Can you believe it?