Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Early Mother's Day!

Because I did this:

I earned a very fantastic present...A NEW CAMERA!
That's right folks, for the low low price of millions of pounds, elephant feet, the most intense workout of my life (hot yoga has nothing on labor), and 18 months of lactation my sweet hubby and daughter 'surprised' me with a special camera shopping trip. I'm not sure how they knew I needed one; it's not like I ever mentioned it.

Anyway, it is fabulous.
I'm still figuring things out, and I will never be a great photographer.
But with subjects like these, how can you miss?

Remember this wagon?

Thanks Coach, she still fits!

Tuesday wouldn't be Tuesday without Chick Fil A.

On a lunch date

with the Bunson girls.

Bubbles with JK

Back-bending laughter

Chasing a big one

Little Rocket?

Having a ball

Just swinging

I feel so loved Ava and Josh.
Thank you for my new camera.
I'm sure my blog readers are thankful too, no more severed arms or pictures of Ava's aura.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh Chute

We spent almost every afternoon this week at a park. Windy, but beautiful weather has comfortably settled in. We love to lay on a blanket in the grass. J and JK will drop by to entertain with far-fetched fancy stories or a magic trick, and Ava feels the need to snuggle up close, no matter how warm the sunshine is. I asked her to back up three times before I could finally snap a picture of her whole face (no zoom on the phone).

Sunday afternoon was pure bliss. Ava and I changed out of church clothes and into play clothes at lightening speed. We set out in the jogging stroller ('doggy stroller' according to her, no idea why). One of the most wonderful things about living on a college campus is that you have access to miles and miles of beautiful sidewalks and friendly faces. After a brisk walk we stopped at this fountain for almost an hour. As I mentioned on Facebook, I was a little reserved about sticking our feet in the water. What is proper fountain etiquette anyway? A scene I remembered from the local news about some Oklahomans goin' noodelin' helped me quickly toss aside any reservations I had. A state that accepts grown men sticking their entire arms into a river crevice until a whale of a catfish clamps onto it, boasting that they use no bait save their own flesh, would surely accept a hot-footed mommy daughter team soaking their tired tootsies. Ava fluttered around the fountain, throwing in leaves, pebbles, and flowers that happened by. Every fifteen minutes the bells would peal, what I imagined to be, our Sunday afternoon theme song.

How lucky am I that the dearest, darlingest three-year-old who lives with me knows how to sort silverware?

and is a whiz at returning her cups, plates, and bowls to her shelf in the pantry?

Every silver lining has a cloud. Senior Taciturn, formerly known as HLS. This has been the view of the dining room ALL weekend. It's finals season. First one May 4, last one May 14.
Pray for all victims please.

Before bed Ava and I played a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders. She was Elmo, I was Zoe. See me on square 7 while she's on square 100? That was the legitimate game board, no cheating or scooting.

The end of today has felt a little like this game for me. We found out that the person who has been renting our (still unsold) house in Texas will be moving at the end of May. As if finals haven't already alerted our stress level to orange, let's just add some glittery pink polka dots. If you or someone you know is interested in renting or buying a home in central Texas puh-lease let me know.

In happier news, on Saturday night Ava decided to wrap up our school time with something akin to the grand finale at a fireworks display. She matched the capital and lowercase letters from her arches, said their names, gave their sounds (multiple sounds for those tricky tricksters), and then counted all of the letters...52 in all! She is so eager to learn and then show off what she's done. Not trying to be 'one of those moms' forever bragging about their little genius, but if you're reading my blog it may happen sometimes. Can't apologize for loving this girl to the moon and back.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clip clip here, clip clip there

All dressed up for church last Sunday morning

Out to celebrate the end of Moot Court - Yay!
And the beginning of finals season - Boo.

My camera is on the fritz. The 3 Locketts may be switching over to Ramen for a few weeks because we need a new camera. This blog is our link to family and so many friends, and the way I record Ava's life. Without pictures this blog is just hopeless ramblings of a half-crazed law widow. The most frustrating thing about the camera is that it is so fickle. As soon as I decide I can't go another day with it the pictures clear up for a day or two. I've been depending on the camera on my iPhone quite a bit. Most of the decent pictures on this post were taken with my phone. Can I really continue to use a camera that severs my child's arm?

Sushi* with Daddy

*sushi - for Ava is avocado wrapped in steamed rice with a light masago (cooked fish eggs) coating and pickled ginger on the side. Nothing on her plate is raw or parasite-ridden, though I can't say the same for the rolls on Mommy and Daddy's plates. On this particular outing she did have some steamed crab in her roll, but it was completely cooked. Just a general FYI.

Pineapple upside-down cupcake

Ava's first haircut was almost two years ago. A sweet friend, Ashley, came over to our house and snipped Ava's baby mullet while she watched her favorite show in her high chair.

She was so little!

All done and cute as a bug

The ends of her hair were beginning to split and tangle, so I knew it was time for another trim. Grace recommended this stylish kid salon called Snip Its in south OKC.
(There are several locations in the U.S., click on the link above for details.)

First time in a salon sink

The staff were all so sweet and kid-friendly.

Watching fun Disney movies during the cut

Happy girl

All done and fancy

A mini-manicure?
I think so!
They even let her take home the bottle of polish for touch-ups.

Showing off her blue nails, or flashing some gang signs...you pick.

Ever seen this movie?
You probably remember Shirley singing 'On the Good Ship Lolly pop' during the film.

Do you remember the mean girl in the film?
Her name was Joy, ironic huh?

Here she is up close. Click here to see her in action.

After our mini spa date, I asked Ava to make a pretty smile to send to Daddy.

This is what I got. Look familiar?
Maybe we should lay off the Shirley Temple for a little while. I laughed snortful laughter when I saw this shot on my phone, so loudly that people started to stare.

She also induced snortful laughing when she scootered into the living room wearing only her pink kitten towel.

I love this girl.

By the way, does anyone know where I took the title for this post from?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sleep? Ha!

Lately when Josh comes home from the law library Ava is already in bed. If she's still awake, we let her spend some time with Daddy. Some nights they read, or play a game (remember the rhyming fiasco?), or put together a puzzle.

Some nights, however...

Guess who gets to play bad cop and calm the crazy laughing child for bed? Wouldn't trade these times for anything, though I do feel a little sorry for our castle neighbors.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Farmer and The Bell

Ava had a little run-in with the heavy door leading into the garage. Here is how she describes it, "That mean ol' wind just blew that door and it slammed on my thumb." The doctor assured us that it was a bad bruise. We commenced with a five-part healing plan.

Step 1: Ice pack

Step 2: Edamame and a Shirley Temple

Step 3: Sushi

Step 4: Nighttime snuggles with a borrowed George bear

Step 5: Chick Fil A

I'm pleased to report that the healing was successful.
The thumb is hardly swollen, and we made up Ava's missed gymnastics class on Friday.

On Wednesday the Farmer's Market in Norman reopened!

Roses as big as Ava's head

Farmers Market treasures
garlic, spinach, pizza dough, red and yellow cherry tomato plants, a jalapeno plant, a basil plant, a cilantro plant, farm fresh eggs, and tomatoes

J and Ava helped me plant the vegetables, fruit, and herbs

J, ever the meticulous farmer

Growing strong

Cupcake face
(Please excuse my poor camera. It is sick.)

Good to the last lick

While I was blogging this afternoon I noticed that the castle was very quiet.
I paused to go investigate and this is what I found:

We are loving the warm spring afternoons!

The end.

No really, that's the end of the post for most of you. If you feel that you are, or have ever been accused of being, sensitive, easily offended, judgmental, or critical please stop reading. For the rest of you, who can see a humorous story for what it is, please keep reading.

This week Ava and I installed a lovely suction cup bath toy holder in our shower. About 6 minutes after installation, however, we heard a tremendous crash. I ran into the bathroom with Ava close behind me. She exclaimed, "Whatthehell happened in here?!" I resisted the urge to die laughing and crouched down and asked her what she had said. She responded, "I said, 'Whatthehell happened in here?'" I explained to her that those are words that mommy and daddy sometimes say when we're surprised by something, but it isn't very nice. We talked about how we should watch what we say and not talk like that. She nodded with understanding ,and we went on about our day.

Later that evening Josh and Ava were playing a Pooh matching game in the living room. They were matching and rhyming words. Josh flipped over a card with a picture of a bell and Ava proclaimed, "Daddy, 'bell' and 'whatthehell', they rhyme!" Daddy did not hold in his laughter quite as well as mommy. Conversation about appropriate words was repeated. We're really just thankful she chose to come out with the colorful language at home with us instead of last weekend in the nursery when she was clawed to pieces by a visiting child...not that we really could have blamed her.

For those of you folks who, after reading this story, have decided that we're horrible parents and you actually should have stopped reading when I warned, you try driving on I-35 narrowed down to one lane of traffic with a 6-inch drop off to the shoulder and hundreds of 18-wheelers cutting you off every afternoon to pick up kiddos. I consider it a success that we've kept it to 'whatthehell'.