Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clip clip here, clip clip there

All dressed up for church last Sunday morning

Out to celebrate the end of Moot Court - Yay!
And the beginning of finals season - Boo.

My camera is on the fritz. The 3 Locketts may be switching over to Ramen for a few weeks because we need a new camera. This blog is our link to family and so many friends, and the way I record Ava's life. Without pictures this blog is just hopeless ramblings of a half-crazed law widow. The most frustrating thing about the camera is that it is so fickle. As soon as I decide I can't go another day with it the pictures clear up for a day or two. I've been depending on the camera on my iPhone quite a bit. Most of the decent pictures on this post were taken with my phone. Can I really continue to use a camera that severs my child's arm?

Sushi* with Daddy

*sushi - for Ava is avocado wrapped in steamed rice with a light masago (cooked fish eggs) coating and pickled ginger on the side. Nothing on her plate is raw or parasite-ridden, though I can't say the same for the rolls on Mommy and Daddy's plates. On this particular outing she did have some steamed crab in her roll, but it was completely cooked. Just a general FYI.

Pineapple upside-down cupcake

Ava's first haircut was almost two years ago. A sweet friend, Ashley, came over to our house and snipped Ava's baby mullet while she watched her favorite show in her high chair.

She was so little!

All done and cute as a bug

The ends of her hair were beginning to split and tangle, so I knew it was time for another trim. Grace recommended this stylish kid salon called Snip Its in south OKC.
(There are several locations in the U.S., click on the link above for details.)

First time in a salon sink

The staff were all so sweet and kid-friendly.

Watching fun Disney movies during the cut

Happy girl

All done and fancy

A mini-manicure?
I think so!
They even let her take home the bottle of polish for touch-ups.

Showing off her blue nails, or flashing some gang pick.

Ever seen this movie?
You probably remember Shirley singing 'On the Good Ship Lolly pop' during the film.

Do you remember the mean girl in the film?
Her name was Joy, ironic huh?

Here she is up close. Click here to see her in action.

After our mini spa date, I asked Ava to make a pretty smile to send to Daddy.

This is what I got. Look familiar?
Maybe we should lay off the Shirley Temple for a little while. I laughed snortful laughter when I saw this shot on my phone, so loudly that people started to stare.

She also induced snortful laughing when she scootered into the living room wearing only her pink kitten towel.

I love this girl.

By the way, does anyone know where I took the title for this post from?


The Broaddus Family said...

The first picture of Ava at church- I think she looks just like Sarah!!! Your girl is adorable! Miss you guys.

Lindsay said...

My comment was going to be the exact same thing Courtney said! I thought she looked just like your sister in that pic also!

Anonymous said...

The snort laugh is the best picture ever.

Uncle Nate

Anonymous said...

wizard of oz :)

-uncle cam