Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hooky, Easter, and an Aunt

Let me begin by saying that this post should really be three posts, possibly even four. You might want to grab a snack before continuing.

Ms. Ava, all dolled up for dance class.

Since I only have about a month and a half left of dressing her up for dance, I've been trying to really go for the gusto. Like the fancy braided bun?

J and JK's mom treated them to a mid-week Taylor Swift concert so, after a late night, they spent the next day playing hooky with Ava and me. We visited the local farm supply store and saw adorable baby chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and rabbits.

Of course we had to play a little.

Then we enjoyed some spring weather at the park. Gracious JK loaned Ava her old tricycle. We bought Ava a Radio Flyer tricycle for her 2nd birthday, but it never worked properly. The new trike is a dream. I have to run to keep up with her on this fancy pink cute number. Plus it has a bell.

Crazy thunderstorms also accompany spring in Oklahoma, so with flickery power and J out of school for Good Friday anyway, we began day two of the grand school sabbatical. I took the kiddos to The Jasmine Moran Children's Museum in Seminole.

The girls loved playing grocery store.

Madam Chief Justice, and may it please the court...

Can you tell that Josh has been practicing his moot court arguments on me? I've got the lingo down.

Inside the tornado simulator, kind of felt like another day at the park to me.
You know 'where the wind comes sweeping down the plane'.

Playing mechanic in their face paint

The Easter mail has been rolling in all week. Thanks to everyone who sent care packages and cards. Ava was overjoyed, and has the snarly smile to prove it.

Since Easter fell so close to Spring Break we decided to stay in Norman for the weekend. Our dear friends, the Browns, invited us over for lunch on Sunday after church. Ava and I prepared two desserts, fresh strawberry cake and glorious (not your grandma's) banana pudding.

Making the cake

and a mess

Ava sliced all of the bananas by herself!

After the baking we dyed eggs. Originally I had planned to dye the eggs outside, but by the time we finished making dessert it was dark. Since our dining room table sits over carpet and all of the counter space was being used for cooking, we dyed in the next logical spot - the kitchen floor.

Using crayons to decorate before the dye

The eggs were still a little hot.

Look who took a little study break.

Sweet times with Daddy

The eggs are almost finished.

Last egg.
Look at that face.
No worries, I kissed her to pieces after snapping this picture.

Ava slept in sponge curlers for the first time. We've played in them before, but never left them in overnight.

To all of you picking up your phones to dial child protective services, she slept peacefully. My sister and I survived years of curler sleep.

If you are still determined to report my torturous parenting that's fine. Ava and I will have amazing hair on our way to the courthouse.

What's that?
You love her headband and think that it must have taken someone at least a week and a half to make it?
You think that when Beene Beene suggested a yo-yo headband with pearls to accompany the smocked Easter dress this crazy mama should have said no?

Well, I didn't. And thank you...I think the headband was worth every second of effort.
It actually stayed on her head all day!

Hunting eggs at church

Our brilliant church staff allowed the smaller children to hunt eggs inside the playground while the brutes, um, older children hunted in the field.

Windy with Mommy

Thanks for sending this picture Missy!

Loving this day

Sunny with Daddy

Sweet JJ released butterflies after the egg hunt, an excellent symbol of new life on this special day.

The three windswept Locketts

Easter lunch al fresco with the Browns

Perfect weather, delicious meal, fantastic company

See the desserts we made?

I had to go back and see some Easters past.

Ava's 1st Easter

Ava's 2nd Easter

Ava's 3rd Easter

Ava's 4th Easter
*thanks to Missy for this shot too

The following were pictures intentionally left off of my Spring Break post.
Can you guess why?

My darling sister and brother-in-law are expecting my first niece/nephew! We lovingly refer to the little critter as Cashew for now.

The little nut will appear around Halloween. Yesterday after I finished talking with Sarah on the phone Ava exclaimed, "Did the baby come out of her tummy?!" We could not be any more excited about this news!


Anonymous said...

Sponge rollers!!! My sister and I also survived many, many nights with those in our hair :-)

You were all beautiful this morning and the headband was exquisite!


kstein said...

I too was subjected to the torture of sponge rollers every time I spent the night at your house as a child and I think we all turned out just fine!

the headband was worth the effort- a great complement to the Easter dress.

Cant believe Sarah is having a bambino... how exciting! I remember her forever as the little Sarah with the lisp calling my brother Chris "Biss"... great post! You have a sweet little life Mrs. Lockett!

k and c's mom said...

How can Ava be having her 4th Easter already!?!
Love the glimpses into your life, Autumn. You are making such happy memories for your little family. (And Sarah is about to expand her family, too! How much good news can one post contain!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the day with us. We had a great time.
Seth cannot stop talking about the wonderful banana pudding. I loved it too and will definitely need an extra day at the gym this week.