Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Mommy and Ava both have the flu. Pray that Josh doesn't get it, and that we both get healthy soon! *cough cough*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Valentines Day weekend Josh, Ray, and Ryan organized a whirlwind trip to San Antonio for Sarah, Kristyn, and me. It was so fun to get away! Thanks to BaBa and Pops for keeping Ava.

Here are the girls, all blinged up with Premier Jewelry. Thanks Sarah!

The boys before dinner, they joked that it looked like an AT&T commercial.

You can't go to San Antonio and not visit the Alamo.

Always the history lover, Josh found some Texas history that none of us knew. The Civil War almost started in San Antonio! You'll have to ask him for the specifics.

The only time you'll ever see Josh holding a gun. (I snapped this one for you Dad!)

Mi Tierras...another San Antonio must

Serenaded with De Colores, my favorite Spanish folk song. Thanks Mrs. Massey for making me memorize this classic a million years ago in high school Spanish class. The Mariachis are always thrilled when it's not another La Cucaracha request.

A couples riverboat taxi trip to end the touristically perfect.

For more pictures from San Antonio click here.

Some good friends, the Broaddus, taught us about Mattress Days a year or so ago. It started out as a great way to spend some face time as a couple, but has morphed into a family affair. All you need is a mattress on the floor of your living room, pajamas, comfort food, cell phones off, and some fun movies...gloomy weather optional but recommended. Since it was Valentines Day we enjoyed some chocolate-covered strawberries. I highly recommend this cheap "staycation" to everyone!

Just like that, Ava was transformed from baby to little girl. Don't be fooled and think those are sponge curlers in her hair. She insists that they are marshmallows. Anyone else a sponge-curlers-while-sleeping survivor?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gymnastics and a New Addition to the Family

waiting for class to start

stretching with Mommy

rocking and balancing

One of the coaches teaches Ava how to mount the vault.

brave jumps from the vault

Ava listens for instructions.

flipping over the bar

The coach's hand is behind Ava for support, but not touching her at all. She is SO strong!

a blurry but perfect dismount

The newest addition to the dollhouse are former residents of The Hundred Acre Woods. The generous Lovings have opened their home to Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Roo, Buster, and Darby. Ava lined them up outside on the lawn for a lovely gala.

Ava makes sure that everyone gets a cupcake and kiss from the dollhouse mommy.

Norah Loving kisses Pooh Bear Spiderman-style

a rare moment when these chubby little hands are still

the sweetest toes I know

At her 2 year checkup we found out that Ava is in the 75th percentile for her height, 50th for weight, and 92nd for her that she's outside my tum I don't care how big that noggin grows:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Every six weeks or so Ava visits Dr. Lederman, a pediatric chiropractor in Irving. We enjoy some time with Brandon and Sarah, and usually end up window-dreaming at North Park Mall. Last Saturday we headed up to Dallas for a whirlwind weekend. After a quick adjustment, some vitamin shopping, and breakfast at La Madeline Ava and Aunt Sarah are ready to go!

Ava amuses herself while Daddy tries on shirts.

We always see tons of kiddos sliding on this structure outside of Williams-Sonoma. Usually we just admire the ducks and turtles in the little pond and move on, but this time Ava was brave enough to try it out.

Fast forward seven days. This Saturday the weather was BEAUTIFUL, so we joined the Broaddus family for a picnic lunch at Poage Park in Woodway. Josh and I quickly learned that if you take a toddler to the park for lunch she won't be too concerned with the food. After about two bites of her sandwich Ava was ready to play.

Static from the slide gave Ava crazy hair. Without thinking I kissed her at the bottom of one of the slides, it was quite shocking!

my sunshine

rocking on the frog

swinging with Daddy

swinging with Courtney and Patrick

Baba and Pops kept Ava on Friday night so Josh and I could clean house. Ava's room was in desperate need of a "big girl" makeover. All of the cutesy stuff that wasn't necessary was packed away. She can actually play in her room now...which I guess is kind of the point. Here's the new and improved nursery:

The dollhouse finally found a spot that makes sense!

the new baby doll niche in the nursery

a Beene Beene quilt and changing table/dresser

Ava's crib and wall decor

Completing the 360 view of her room. The left doorway leads to her bathroom and our study-turned-playroom. The right doorway goes into the hallway.

When I was preggo with Ava she would do gymnastics anytime I ate pineapples, so it became her nickname. This little cookie cutter hangs over the entrance to her nursery.

The slew of little ones at FBC Mertens being dedicated on Sunday. There were 6 in all! We definitely had the Ava James-est one.

Although it looks like we're all zoned out, we're actually listening to Ray dedicate the kiddos. Well, Ava might be plotting the quickest route to the nursery.

Mommy wasn't feeling 100% so we didn't get as many pictures of this special day as we wanted. There were so many sweet family members and friends at church to encourage our little family. Thanks to everyone who came. We love all of you! And here is one last sweet shot of Ava and Aunt Jaryn.