Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Valentines Day weekend Josh, Ray, and Ryan organized a whirlwind trip to San Antonio for Sarah, Kristyn, and me. It was so fun to get away! Thanks to BaBa and Pops for keeping Ava.

Here are the girls, all blinged up with Premier Jewelry. Thanks Sarah!

The boys before dinner, they joked that it looked like an AT&T commercial.

You can't go to San Antonio and not visit the Alamo.

Always the history lover, Josh found some Texas history that none of us knew. The Civil War almost started in San Antonio! You'll have to ask him for the specifics.

The only time you'll ever see Josh holding a gun. (I snapped this one for you Dad!)

Mi Tierras...another San Antonio must

Serenaded with De Colores, my favorite Spanish folk song. Thanks Mrs. Massey for making me memorize this classic a million years ago in high school Spanish class. The Mariachis are always thrilled when it's not another La Cucaracha request.

A couples riverboat taxi trip to end the trip...how touristically perfect.

For more pictures from San Antonio click here.

Some good friends, the Broaddus, taught us about Mattress Days a year or so ago. It started out as a great way to spend some face time as a couple, but has morphed into a family affair. All you need is a mattress on the floor of your living room, pajamas, comfort food, cell phones off, and some fun movies...gloomy weather optional but recommended. Since it was Valentines Day we enjoyed some chocolate-covered strawberries. I highly recommend this cheap "staycation" to everyone!

Just like that, Ava was transformed from baby to little girl. Don't be fooled and think those are sponge curlers in her hair. She insists that they are marshmallows. Anyone else a sponge-curlers-while-sleeping survivor?


Judy Lockett said...

What fun pictures! I can tell y'all had a great time in SA. I just can't understand why you didn't want Ava along! Of course, I do believe I could see her IN the river! You do know that Jaryn took a dip in the fountain at Highland Mall in Austin! Not recently though! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record... I think we came up with mattress days!! I guess we can share the idea!

Aunt Sarah and Uncle B

jacksonsmommy said...

I think I am going to steal the mattress day idea! how fun! and i know you and i are both sponge-curlers-while-sleeping survivors! yall are the cutest!