Sunday, March 1, 2015

February and the Future

Do you ever notice glimpses of your kids as grownups?  I see it more with Ava J, now that she's 8 going on 48, but every now and then teenage Levy Bear catches my eye and it takes my breath away.  See it?  It's buried there beneath the chunkamunk cheeks and dandelion fluff hair, just above the baby bear paws folded so sweetly.

Anyway, my dreamy darling mermaid darlings were thrilled with some outside time during a spring weather sneak peak.  A Saturday on campus at OU was a glorious reminder that warmer days are coming.


Because our kiddos are so far apart, it's taken them longer to act like siblings.  For the longest time, Ava was more of a third parent to Lev.  Now that he's able - and willing, oh so willing - to get into her stuff and drive her crazy, they rumble and fuss like real siblings.  Josh and I stay out of their tiffs as much as possible, allowing them to figure it out unless one is in danger of being hurt, usually Ava because Lev doesn't know his strength and Ava would never lay a hand on him.  Even through the squabbles, I love watching their relationship develop.

I distinctly remember watching TV with my sister and brother in a total sibling dogpile, being able to feel Nate laugh at Michelle Tanner's sing-song comebacks through Sarah and down to me at the base of the pile.  Sibling love, trapped in my memory bank forever.

Josh escorted Ava to her fifth Daddy Daughter Dance, and they danced the night away.

Ava tried out for a role in the 2nd grade musical, and was so excited to get a speaking part.  She took total responsibility for learning her lines, and absolutely rocked her role.  She's hoping we can fit some acting classes into her busy summer plans.

Levin is such a tiny troubadour.  He loves to play the piano and guitar.  There is a wooden alphabet block with a tiny violin etched into the side opposite the letter 'V,' and he'll pretend to strum it and sing.  He loves anything Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift, The Noble Duke of York, Skinamarink, Elmo's World, or "How I Uppa" (Twinkle Twinkle).

I know I take more pictures of Lev than Ava these days.  She is more camera shy as she gets older, and I always want to respect her privacy and requests for "No pictures right now, Mom."  There are so many stories I'd love to share, but keeping her confidence is the most important thing to me.  For now, you'll all just have to deal with a few more Lev pictures per post.  I know it's hard.

Our spring weather preview didn't last long.  Cold settled in and we welcomed the flurries with wonder and excitement.


I love our cozy house, especially when it's warmly lit against the nighttime snow.

The weather on Saturday could not have been more perfect.  Powdery chicken feather flakes fell, but the temperatures weren't unbearable and there was hardly any wind.  We all bundled up and enjoyed the snow.

Lev's tongue was out trying to catch stray flakes all morning long.

"But Mom, we don't want to stop for pictures!"
Yeah, that doesn't count as a privacy request.  Mama needs snow pics!

Seriously, one of the best Saturdays ever.

After a few days at home, we were all ready for an outing to church this morning.  Somehow, we were actually ready on time (oh yeah, because they canceled Sunday School) so I had time to snap a quick picture on our way out the door.  We could not love these two any more or we'd probably burst.

As we begin this month that will mark Levin's second birthday, I can't help but think back to Ava's second birthday.  I remember the night I posted this blog marking the occasion.  If you read the blog you'll see that we had our lives all mapped out.  Josh was planning to start law school at Baylor, I would keep teaching 4th grade, we'd be living in our newly-built house in Central Texas near all of our friends and family.  Happy, safe, comfortable, easy.  

My kids' birthdays always make me sentimental and introspective.  Something about motherhood and hormones, I'm sure.  I could never have imagined all the changes coming our way within the first few months after Ava's second birthday: moving to a new state, leaving our lovely house for sketchy student housing, a complete career change for me, and a total leap of faith for all three of us.  Maybe we were just young and dumb, but at every turn our move has proven to be an adventure in the very best sense of the word.  We've found the best friends, traveled extensively, both discovered our professional dreams, and welcomed the sweetest little Okie baby into our family.  

Still, I can't help but feel a little antsy as Lev approaches his second birthday.  Once again life is happy, safe, comfortable, easy.  And I'm so okay with it.  But, am I naive enough to think this is the end of our adventures?  I'll admit it, I really hope not.  

(Hey God, see how I'm not even trying to guess about tomorrow?  It's like I'm maturing or something.)