Sunday, March 28, 2010

All Dressed Up

When we first moved to Norman, Ava was not interested in playing dress-up. Once we had dinner with friends and when their daughter asked Ava which princess gown she'd like to try she replied, "But I'm already dressed." Practical, huh?

Well, the combination of me nannying for a 7-year old girly girl and a few months of many Disney princess movies has converted Ava into a dress-up kind of girl.

Here she is as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

She also dresses up for dance in darling tutus with her friend Grace.

Playing on the playground:
Ava, Gabby, and Noah, respectively

Outside the tunnel, time for hydration

Dressed for a rainy day

This weekend a Medieval Fair set up at the park across the street from our 'castle'. I am usually not a fan of circus/carnival/fair types of things, I had a creepy run-in with a carnie when I was in middle school. However, some of our good friends were going to take their kiddos so Ava and I tagged along. Ava was thrilled to ride this little horse.

Daddy even walked across the street from the law school and enjoyed a turkey leg with us. We didn't stay long, and made sure to scrub the sketchiness off when we returned home.

On Saturday evening Josh and I headed to the law prom.

Beautiful floating-rose centerpieces

Geoff and Josh (who are going to kill me for posting this) getting their groove on

So fun to let loose with such normally serious folk.
I kept thinking that I could be dancing beside the next governor, or that the guy who splashed his champagne on me could be a future supreme court justice. Prom is one of those things that is SO MUCH better as an adult. No silly self-conscious teenage drama, just fun with friends.
We had the best time!


kstein said...

i knew ava would come to grips with dressing up princess-y eventually...after all, she is YOUR daughter! so glad you guys had fun at law prom- you looked amazing and i loved the dress! HLS has a HHW (hot house-wife!)

The Waggoners said...

Love the pic of Ava and Grace-so cute!
The Prom pic of you two....You look stunning! Beautiful woman inside and out :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you all had so much fun!! Ava,you and Josh!!! So good to see you guys have some toe stomping fun at the law prom.

Love you,