Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get thee behind me Chaos!

It was getting a little ridiculous.
One teeny tiny toy mesh boxish thing that I bought when Ava was very small was simply not doing the job of containing her treasures. Keeping her room tidy was near impossible. I also knew that it was time to rearrange her room. Although moving furniture in our Castle is kind of like shaking up a box of Cracker Jacks, she always appreciates the effort.

I have been watching a toy container system at Target for months now, just waiting for it to go on sale. (For those of you who have iPhones, Target has a great free app that allows you to see their sale ads for your area. It's great.) The shelf of containers was marked down from $70 to $37, so I pounced.

Since Josh is still swamped with work, Ava and I tag-teamed the job of assembling.

She said, "Mommy look, I made a 'v'."

Securing the poles that hold the containers

Ava entertained me while I secured the screws.


After some love from Mommy the room ended up looking like this:

doll stroller, chalk board, play sink, dollhouse, and chair

dresser (with games beneath), flower stool, and crib

new fabulous shelf system, play oven, scooter (yes, I have to move the scooter to open the closet...remember the Cracker Jack box shake?)

baby doll supplies and baby doll crib

cute flower coat hook, family tree, Pooh calendar

The dollhouse is now at an angle.

Her cozy new nook to sleep

Ava begged me to let her stay up and play in her room, but I assured her that she'd have time tomorrow. I love how easy changes delight my sweet girl.

Speaking of delight, I found these darling Easter decorations at Hobbly Lobby for 40% off.

One more week until Spring Break! The Lockett girls will be traveling to Texas to visit family and friends, while HLS will be cramming and growing more brilliant at the Castle. At least he'll have a very functional princess room to play in if he needs a study break.


The Farmers said...

It looks great! She is such a cutie next to her new organizing system...that smile just melts me.

The Waggoners said...

LOVE your writing and your creativity. Way to go Mom! Come on over and organize and shake up this cracker jack box any time.........preferably before June ;-)

Anonymous said... I am convinced that you could make a cardboard box look like a mansion!!! However, I do have one observation to make about Ava's room....I am a bit worried about her having to walk all the way across the room to wash her pots and pans after she cooks ;-)


TeamRB said...

We have the same storage container (except not in the cute girly colors) and it works great. Even when room is tight, those containers work great almost anywhere! Way to scope out the sales! I love how cozy and warm your castle is. You have a lucky princess!

Anonymous said...

The shelf looks so good in Ava's room. Her whole room looks like a fun place. Have fun mommy and Ava!!

Love you,

k and c's mom said...

Too cute! You need a show on HGTV. Have fun in Texas: I'll be in Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

I get to see yall this weekend. Have a safe trip. I'm very impressed with Ava's song she can already sign beautifully.

Love, Uncle Nate