Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Lovely Potpourri Kind of Post

It has been far too long since this fella' was in a post on 3 Locketts.  Cole is still alive and kicking his way through his 8th grade year.  Love getting to see his face.

We finally met this sweet baby girl, Abigail Hope Miller.  She is just as precious as her mommy and daddy.  We're so thrilled that they live just a quick jaunt down the interstate from us.

We try to pack as much family togetherness into our weeknights.

After Ava's birthday she had a hard time going to school.  Mornings were teary and she just was not herself.  We tried everything we could think of to help settle her.  We made her favorite foods for dinner, played games, and watched her favorite movies.

I bought a locket for her to wear at school so she could see our pictures anytime she was homesick.

The locket helped a little, but she was still droopy.

She'd snuggle into the couch and was so lethargic and lumpish.

We kept encouraging her to go to school.  I was afraid if we gave in and let her stay home we'd start a pattern of "feeling sick" and staying home all the time - making for a very long next 23 years of school  (or 30 if she takes after her daddy).  At the advice of her teacher we took her to the doctor.    Turns out the Bave had a horrible ear and sinus infection.  She was even running fever.  Poor baby was sick for almost two weeks and we just thought it was an allergy/homesick combo.  We felt horrible.  

Two doses of amoxicillin and numbing ear drops later she was a different kiddo.  Our smiley, spunky, Sparkly girl was back!  We kept her home for a few days just to let her recuperate and to appease our parental guilt for not trusting our girl.  By Thursday she was happy to go back to school.  No tears or drooping since she started feeling better - yay.

My dreamy job sent me on my first recruiting trip.  I spent the day in Stillwater at Oklahoma State University.  What a fabulous place!  People were so kind and the facilities were super nice.

Last Friday morning we went to Ava's 5-year checkup.  She's perfectly healthy.  They didn't quote any percentages like they did when she was a baby.  Wait, does that mean she's no longer a baby...nah.  My guess is that she's in the 80th percentile for legginess, 90th percentile for knowing all the words to the most popular musicals, and 99.4th percentile for following and enforcing rules.

Her new pediatrician and I decided to do the preliminary blood work for allergy testing (thank the Lord for amazing insurance with my new job).  I was nervous about how she'd do with the needle.  In her whole life she's never let out so much as a whimper when receiving shots.  She's my hero, as I used to loathe needles before I realized their extreme marvelousness in the form of an epidural.  Anyway, she maintained her streak of laughing in the face of all things 'poinky'.  She didn't make a peep while they drew a ton of blood.

Beautiful morning sun pouring into my office

I love our nights all tucked into bed reading Stuart Little.

Can you believe it's already time for Josh's graduation pictures?  So proud of our HLS.

Ava gets into all the coolest law school events.

A sweet note Ava left on my bathroom counter:

Not one February day has gone by without Ava wearing something Valentine-ish.

In addition to applying for jobs and taking a full-load of 3L classes, Josh picks up Ava from school every day at 2:30.  He grocery shops, makes snacks, plays games, starts dinner, does laundry, herds toys, gives music lessons, and loves on us both.  I can't put into words how thankful I am for him.  He even manages to text me pictures like this during the day:

We all three love our mornings together.  Josh and I wake up early enough to be completely ready before we roll Ava out of bed.  It makes our mornings smoother and more relaxed when we get to sit and have breakfast together.

Sleeping Cutie

On Friday I came home to a fireside concert.

On Saturday the City of Norman hosted the annual Daddy Daughter Dance.  Here are some getting ready shots - 

All ready to go

Just for comparison, this was taken last year before the dance.  She's grown up so much in this past year.

Not too big for Daddy's arms though

Josh took this picture while they were slow dancing.

These videos aren't great quality, but you can watch the girls dancing with their daddies.

We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.  Most everyone who reads this blog received a Valentine from Ava in the mail, but just in case I don't have your address (ahem, message it to me please) here it is.

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Lindsey Merritt said...

I loved loved loved the videos of the father-daughter dance!! I never went to one when I was younger, but what a great idea! I loved seeing all those dads dancing with their daughters!!! Oh, and I got your Valentine!! Love it! It is hanging on our fridge!