Monday, September 20, 2010

A soft place to land

On Thursday afternoon Ava and I headed to Texas for a long weekend. Josh stayed behind to work on Law Review fun (ha). The fields around Frost, Josh's hometown, were full of fluffy cotton.

I braved the snake-infested field to snap these shots.

Our dear Beene Beene was spending some time in the hospital when we arrived. We didn't want to risk weakening her immune system, already fighting pneumonia, so Ava wore a mask and gloves.

After a quick visit with Beene Beene we headed up to the football field to see Coach, who was running the clock in the press box.

Explaining the rules of the game

One of the main reasons for our trip to Texas was another writing workshop. I had planned to arrive in Waco around 11:00 to teach the workshop, but stopped by the hospital around 9:00 for a very special meeting.

One of my oldest and bestest (yes, that's a word when you're talking about a girl you have 6-year-old bathtub pictures with) friends had her second darling baby boy. What a wonderful surprise that I happened to be in town (state) to meet him. I will confess to all my blog friends that I've been infected with baby fever. This snuggly little one has my arms aching. Congratulations Crow family, he is magical!

After my workshop I headed to one of my favorite places on earth, Hewitt HEB.

A real produce section

with print-your-own produce labels, gotta' love efficiency.

And a convenient sushi chef. Oh Hewitt HEB, you hold my heart.

Another reason for our trip to Texas was to celebrate my Mom's birthday.

Ava helped me make her favorite spice cake.

Thanks to Mimi for helping with the cinnamon leaf on top.

Delicious and beautiful, although I'm not sure how the sister who didn't go to culinary school ended up making the birthday cake...

Look who was well enough to come home on Friday!

Ava and Beene Beene ignored the oxygen tanks and cords, drawing landscapes of mountains and flowers.

Ava was so excited to have her Beene Beene back.

Coach and Ava built a domino tower.

Baba was very surprised to see us, though I have no pictures of the surprise birthday dinner.

Working on an alphabet puzzle, so happy together.

Nolan entertained cousin Ava with his belly-jumping hiccups.

You've heard of People of Walmart, right?
I present to you People of Waco Starbucks, there are no words.

Ava also spent some time with her other great-grandmother, Mamaw. Such a special bond between these two.

After a long weekend apart, HLS was thrilled to have us home on Sunday night.

He surprised us Monday morning with Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the newly-opened store down the street.

Home can be so many places: a billowy cotton field, a rocking chair near dear friends, a favorite grocery store, the homes where you grew up, or the home you share with the family you're building. Here's hoping your home is a soft place to land, and that you do your best to make it so.

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Tammy said...

Thanks for finding time to spend with me during this packed weekend. I smile for hours after we've spent time together. I did miss not seeing Ava. Tell her my slide misses her.