Thursday, September 30, 2010

Defying Gravity

On Tuesday Ms. Ava James started reading!
She's been sounding out words for a while, but on Tuesday I watched the lightbulb over her head illuminate, it's orange with pink glitter by the way, for those of you who were wondering what it looks like. She read every word I put in front of her, and was especially thrilled when we were able to string them into sentences. For the record, the first sentence she ever read was: Dad is on the mat. To celebrate her happy, gravity defying, accomplishment we treated her to dinner anywhere she wanted.

McDonalds? Chick Fil A? Chucky Cheeze? Not this girl. Sushi.
When we explained our celebratory dinner to the waitress she returned with special butterfly-shaped rolls. Darling.

For Halloween this year Ava chose to be Elphaba from Wicked.

I needed a new costume shot for my new blog header (cute, huh?) so we braved her snarfly cold and went outside to take pictures. You'll have to excuse the snotty crust, puffy face, watery eyes if you click to enlarge any of the photos.

I just adore this little costume. I'm going to get her a long sleeved leotard to wear for trick-or-treating. Also, notice her silver slippers. In the original Oz book and in the show Wicked the coveted slippers aren't ruby, but silver. I love the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, always have. As a little girl I knew there had to be some motive behind her tough exterior. When I saw the play, Wicked, I fell even more in love with her character. It all made sense. (Aside, I am not a fan of the book Wicked. At all. No good, in my humble opinion.) Anyway, when Ava decided to be Elphaba I instantly knew the shoes she had to wear. I explained to Josh that, with silver slippers to complete the costume, Ava wouldn't just be Elphaba. She'd be Dream Come True Elphaba. She'd have the shoes she'd always wanted. The circle would be complete. Josh mumbled something about no one 'getting it'. But I do. And someday Ava will too. What's the point of having kids if you can't make them as delusional as you are? Plus, the shoes were $10 at Target.

Preparing to jump

Toil and trouble?

Attempting to defy gravity

We bought cousin Nolan a Halloween outfit and Ava begged to try it on Sunkipper. Since we found out Aunt Sarah's due date (October 31) we've explained to Ava that Nolan will come out around Halloween. Every time the holiday is mentioned she says, "And baby Nolan will be here!" Doesn't she look like a girl who needs a cousin?

In culinary news, have you seen this? If you like dark chocolate and salt you need to run, not walk, and buy some of this decadent dessert. One square will satisfy your sweet, chocolate needs for not many calories at all. Simply divine.


Hannah said...

Oh Sunkipper! I've missed thee.

And talk to your brother about the word that rhymes with quengagement ;)

The Crawford Record said...

Ava and Sunkipper art too cute! I am so happy that he will probably be here in time to wear it! Can't wait to see him in it!

Lindsay said...

Love that sushi and she is the cutest Elphaba I've ever seen!!

Tammy said...

I think if you're reading by your
4th Halloween, you are defying gravity. I love my little Elphaba with her silver shoes, and I especially love that I "get" it. Love you girls.

Anonymous said...

Ava looks so cute in her Elphaba costume!!! The pictures where she is jumping reminded me so much of you!! So adorable!! Dad and I both chuckled!!
Love ya,
Mom (Baba)