Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Want to peek?

I've taken some video of various school activities I do with Ava. Some of you have emailed and asked specifics, some of you are grandparents who will love every second, and many of you will just want to skip this post altogether. Yes, Ava is in pajamas in every video. If the camera panned to Mommy you'd see that I am too...one of the many benefits of teaching your own kiddo at home.

How can you make Math fun?
Keep it in a puzzle box in the game cabinet and add colorful frog counters.

We've been working on some of these words for a few weeks. Others were introduced as recently as last Friday. She can read many other words, but we were up to 10 minutes already. The fun part is that when we use the foam letters she is able to spell all of these words too.

Part 1

Part 2

***Story time ***
When we're grocery shopping Ava wants to read the name tag of the person checking us out. (I always make a point to address the checker by name at some point during our transaction, it's just kind.) Today the checker's name was Fay. Ava read her name on the tag, along with the word Target written below her name. I asked Ava if she could think of a word that rhymes with Fay. She told me that 'day' rhymes with Fay. I asked her how to spell 'day' (not a word family we've worked on at all). She thought for a second and said, "D-A-Y". We went through and spelled: say, pay, way, and hay. I was blown away. She's really got it!

Here she is reading a few sentences:

I like Dad.

Mom is on the mat.

A goat is at the apple tree.

More than anything Ava loves to write. The curriculum wants us to focus on one letter at a time, ha! You try telling Ms. Overachiever to stick to one page at a time. We're breezing through the letters with Handwriting Without Tears. Her goal is to write a story "all by myselth" very soon. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to read it.


Stacy said...

I am so excited for Miss Ava! (and Mom and Dad, too, of course) Great teaching, Mom! Keep it up Ava!

Note for Ava:

Rich and Stacy like Ava a lot!! Ava is very smart!

The Crawford Record said...

Ava--you are too smart! I cannot wait for you to teach Nolan everything you know and for your mom to teach me how to be such a great mom/teacher!! Uncle B and I are very impressed. Love y'all!

Jill said...

There is no sound on mine!!! I was so excited to hear. Maybe I can try again tomorrow. What curriculum are you using? And how old exactly is Ava? She is just precious! I love that long hair!

Locketts said...

Thanks Stacy and Sarah!
Jill - Hopefully your sound will work soon. My mother-in-law retired from years of teaching preschool so I'm following her lesson plans. For her handwriting I'm using Handwriting Without Tears, but she's flying through it. Ava is 3, and will be 4 on January 22. I love her long hair too. It's so much fun to fix.

TeamRB said...

Thanks for letting us "Take a Peek". It is great for a soon-to-be-teacher and mother of two!

Tammy said...

Wow!! I'm so proud and very impressed. She could probably come teach some of my kidos.