Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Almost Topless in Cowtown

I know you're crazy curious about the title of this post, and I'll get there eventually.

Somehow this group of pictures missed the last post. We met up with the Browns at the Farmers Market a few Wednesdays ago. Ava and G each selected a pumpkin.

Next the girls picked out honey sticks.

Baby O was just happy to be along for the ride.

The farmers are always so friendly. On this particular trip the girls scored free pears and pumpkins. I'm so sad this will be our last month of farmers market until April.

Ava is a girl who loves anything with sea salt - avocados, tomatoes, and especially popcorn. One lonely, law-filled night we decided to make some popcorn on the stove and watch a Tinkerbell movie.

Curious about the first few pops

Love this face

Turns out one cup of kernels was way too much. We had a popcorn-splosion!

Popcorn all over everthing

But it was so delicious

This weekend we had the privilege of participating in the wedding of one of our bestest friends in the whole world. Our Cam. Cam and Josh met at Truett and he instantly became a Lockett. He scrubbed floors with a toothbrush at our new house in the dark, welcomed Ava into the world the night she was born, helped us immensely with youth group and church work, introduced us to The Office, drove to Norman and stayed until we felt 'at home', and more than anything showed us what real unconditional love in a friendship means. Cam is one of our favorite people on this earth and we're so glad he's found a girl worthy of his amazingness. We love you too Michelle!

Just to catch you up, here are a few shots of Ava and Cam -

Ava was honored to be one of the flower girls in Cam and Michelle's wedding.

We traveled to Fort Worth and scored an amazing deal on priceline.com. Ava was amazed at our view from the 7th floor. I was fine with the 7th floor too, until we were peacefully slumbering in the wee morning hours and heard "FIRE EMERGENCY, FIRE EMERGENCY, EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY, EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!" First of all, I am blind and Josh is more blind. Images of smoke pouring from windows, and towering infernos filled my groggy brain. I eventually found my glasses and screamed at Josh to hurry. He put on a shirt, grabbed his law books and laptop and then Ava - in that order. I wouldn't let him put on shoes, and didn't stop to grab mine either. We flew down the 7 flights of stairs as I calmly made monklike 'oohm' sounds. Not! I was freaking out. Freaking out because Josh wouldn't come faster, freaking out because we were all going to burn, freaking out because the stairwell was echoing and scary. Freaking out so much that the classy business ladies ahead of us on the trudge down began calming me. It was embarrassing. They announced, "We see daylight, we're all okay," and I could not have been more relieved. As we stepped out onto the streets of downtown Fort Worth, the chilly October wind brought two things to the forefront of my mind. #1 - my baby would be cold in her pajamas and I needed to find something to wrap around her, and #2 - I was definitely NOT wearing a bra under my very thin pajamas. Everyone around us was wearing business suits and carrying briefcases. At that point the towering inferno was sounding better and better. Thankfully the hotel manager quickly announced that it was just a false alarm and we raced back up to our room, humbled and thankful to be alive.

Waiting for the rehearsal to begin

The flower girls were too busy holding hands to practice tossing petals.

Isn't it funny how little kids are instant friends?

The beautiful couple

Still enjoying the view

Watching the city pigeons

The flower girl 'Before' shot

Curled with a curling iron and immediately put into sponge rollers

Petticoat fun

The dress

Curlers out

I just love this one.

Hair pulled back and flower crown added

All the beautiful girls

Ava and sweet baby Jack

She could not keep her lips to herself.

Ava and precious Sarah

Flower girl and groomsman daddy

Just the three of us

So happy together

Ava and Jack all dressed up

Kristyn and Sarah are former Truett widows. We all three live in different states now, but always pick right back up where we left off. These girls definitely make me Sparkle.

Ray and Josh had some catching up to do too.

Caleb, Cam's identical twin brother, showed the flower girls a good time on the dance floor.

Cam and Ava watching the Father/Daughter dance

Cutting a rug with Daddy

Breaking it down

Ryan and Josh dancing with their babies

Flower girling is hard work.

A much-needed calm Sunday at Mimi and Coach's house, just a swingin'...


ksanten said...

Ava is a beautiful little girl. (Gets it from her momma!) I love reading your blog.

Kristyn said...

Ryan has been expressing of late how he wants a daughter. Since seeing you guys again, he has changed his statement to, "I want an Ava" : )
It was so good to see you guys!