Thursday, September 9, 2010

Making School Count

In Mommy School we have been working on counting using the 100's chart. For a while Ava needed cues after the 9's. After asking a few early education-minded people for advice we started working on counting by 10's. It was amazing! She is so comfortable transitioning into the next 10's place now, whether counting by 10's or 1's. For this mommy who always had to work twice as hard in math, I'm ecstatic for her to love counting and numbers. Algebra by age 5, that's my goal. Just kidding, of course. I just never want math to intimidate her like it did (read does) me.

After mastering counting by 10's she rocks the entire 100's chart.

And can you believe that hair? She rolls out of bed with angel locks, some kind of strange hybrid of Daddy's curls and Mommy's straight-as-a-board hair. Magical.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Miss Ava!! We have first graders that can't count by 10's or count to 100!! Autumn you are a great teacher!!
Love you all,

k and c's mom said...

As one who teaches younger children, you need to know that this is AMAZING! She looks at and recognizes every number. WOW! Go, Ava (and mom!)