Sunday, September 26, 2010

'Glee'fully welcoming autumn

One of our favorite shows returned with a new season on Tuesday night.
Can you guess what it is?

Sweet friend, Stacy, came over to watch with us. Our resident closet Glee fan snapped this photo for us. Said closet fan also purchases almost every song from iTunes each week, just saying.

On Friday Ava and headed to the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie.

Thanks to Mary, Benny and E for the invite.

Trying to decide if she wants to get her hands dirty experimenting with animal tracks in the sand.

The girls loved the rubber animal track stamp station.

Pressing the stamp

to create an opossum footprint.

We're not sure what kind of little animal scurried across Ms. E's face.

Learning about the Oklahoma birds

A local fish hatchery brought fish, turtles, lizards, and some mysterious eggs - the girls' favorite.

Watching the snakes
On the way home Ava expressed concern that the snakes might slither over and eat the eggs. I assured her that the tanks would keep the eggs safe.

Writing in the dirt with sticks

Ava is determined to have a pet squirrel. We have an arrangement: if she can catch one then she can keep it. So far we have no squirrel at home, but that doesn't stop Ava from collecting acorns for the future pet. She's been picking up acorns for years now, remember this story?

Mary's brother is a game warden so the girls enjoyed some VIP fishing lessons.

Reeling one in

This is as close as she cared to get to her catch.
Silly girl, although you'll notice that this mommy hid behind the camera for all worm and fish related activities.

We started our Saturday at Jump Zone celebrating G's 4th birthday.

Ava, N, and G, three of the sweetest Law Orphans you'll ever meet.

She stuck most every landing this way

Having a blast

This one's just for you Cam, how's her form?

Later on Saturday we picked up Baba and Rayeanne from the airport. Of course we headed straight to Sara Sara Cupcake.

Pictures in front of the famous cupcake wall

The Ava Cupcake Diet
If you get half of the icing on your face then the cupcake is actually low-fat.

It was lovely to catch up with Rayeanne and Baba.
Please come back soon and bring Katy with you.

On Sunday morning we woke up to the first real cool front of the season. Blogging and playing outside in jeans and long sleeves, wassail percolating, bison chili steaming - autumn weather, you are more than welcome here.

What are your favorite fall traditions?
Please comment and share how you and your family welcome cooler weather.


Sarah said...

I'm reading this blog with the windows open, loving the cool weather. AND, to celebrate fall. . . I pulled out the Christmas music this week. Not kidding. I'm one of those people :)

kstein said...

Oh Autumn, I SO wish i could have come with my momma and "Baba" this weekend! Sadly, I was stuck in PA searching for jobs like there's no tomorrow! :)

I am not one of THOSE PEOPLE like your sis who celebrates fall with Christmas music (that made me laugh Sara!) But in our house, we take Loooong drives thru the mountains in the fall to see all the colors, I bake, carve pumpkins, and toast the seeds (yum), and of course, I break out the Yankee Candle fall scents! Fall is my favorite!

Hannah said...

N and I celebrate fall with wonderful sisters visiting us! :D Yay! We're so excited!!! <- note all of the exclamation points. They are necessary to show how excited we are.

Locketts said...

Sarah - Josh and I have been throwing some Christmas in the mix too, I guess we're 'those people' too.

K - You were missed. The Sarah above is actually a friend of mine but I can promise you that my sister is one of 'those people' too.

Hannah - We are excited to see you guys on Friday too!!! A trip to One Guys is required.

TeamRB said...

I love Fall foods! Fall has such great baking. Pumpkin and cinnamon are some of my favorite flavors and scents! One of my favorite Fall "traditions" is that we get new PJ's each year at Thanksgiving for us and the kids. I am loving the cooler weather too!
Thanks for sharing. Glad you are enjoying Fall as well!