Sunday, August 29, 2010

Toto, I don't think we're in 1L anymore!

We kicked off the start to Josh's 2L year with a special Ode to our 2L, HLS recitation. I'd love to publish it here, but it's so full of inside jokes, cheesy rhymes, and silliness that we'll just keep it to ourselves.

Sporting our 'HLS is my Hero' shirts, of course.

Giving HLS some encouraging smooches

The pile is growing, but so is the Bave. Each year we stack up Josh's books and see how Ava measures up in comparison.

1L book stack versus Ava 2 1/2 years

1L & 2L book stack V Ava 3 1/2 years

Just a sweet shot

Got a little Galinda in ya'?
Can't you just hear her singing, "Ooh, I'll show ya' what shoes to wear, how to fix your hair..."

On Tuesday morning a dear friend, E, came over to have school with Ava.

Mary, E's grandma, came to play too.

A little dress up in the home center
(Please note this is not a Red Hat. No offense to any Red Hat Society members who may read this blog (hahahahaha), but when I worked at a little cafe during undergrad they made my life miserable. I'd see a mass of red and purple headed to our counter and just groan. No m'am we don't have any fat free dressing, Yes m'am we still have some smoked salmon (pronounced saL-mon) salad left, No mandArian oranges on the salad, yes m'am. And mean, oh my goodness. Downright catty, brought back memories of junior high and high school ick. Turns my stomach just thinking about it. Okay, moving on.)

Playing lots of pretend (also not a Red Hat, it's hot pink)

Ms. E is already such an artist. She is almost a year younger than Ava, but loves to color more than any little one I've ever seen. I see artsy design in her bright future.

Look at that determined little tongue.

Coloring together

A little dark, but I love this one.

Uncle Brandon, Aunt Sarah, and Cousin Nolan came to see us for a few days.

We arrived at Sara Sara Cupcakes just in time to hear the loudest train in the universe.

Sweeties with the sweets

Uncle B was brave enough to hold the chocolate monster during her cupcake feast.

What? HLS out on a school night? Toto, I don't think we're in 1L anymore!

Love the swinging action shot, thanks Stacy.

Silly girl, she's learning to pump her legs to keep the swing moving.

On Friday we had a playdate at the park with the Browns.

Love this puffed cheek face. It's hard to catch on camera, but she makes it a lot.

Grace is so brave and balanced.

The girls found another friend.

Running in the sunshine

This picture melts my heart. Do you remember holding hands with your friends? Such a sweet, fleeting time in life. Just innocent, happy to be together and headed the same direction.

Posing by the sparkly pond
Seconds later the mommies spotted a gigantic snake swimming in the water, fast-paced Oprah walking ensued

Friday night serenade by HLS

We heard a variety of musical genres, here were a few of the selections:
Lovestoned by Justin Timberlake
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Creep (slight lyrical edits) by Radiohead
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Baa Baa Black Sheep

Have you ever watched a little girl fall even more in love with her daddy? Click to make this big and look at her face. She's absolutely smitten.

This weekend JK and her mommy came to visit us! After we picked them up from the airport JK's mom and I were talking a mile a minute in the front and the girls were doing the exact same thing (with slightly more giggling) in the backseat.

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...


Hannah said...

I love all the pictures in this post. And I definitely still hold my friends' hands. I probably make them feel super awkward. Oh well.

Did you work at a cafe in Lbk?

So I've been thinking that I want you to make me a blog header. But I don't have any idea what I want. So just go at it :) I mean, if you want. I shouldn't tell you what to do.

Tammy said...

Wow!Look at the differences in the 2 pictures of the Bave with the books. What a difference - just with the hair length.

I love the little Galinda leg pop. It makes me a little weepy to see the picture of the girls holding hands. Enjoy every minute of it. It goes by so quickly. I love y'all. Tam