Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Birth of a 'Fixer' & Stair Soccer

Sometimes I am embarrassed by my picture taking non-skills. I know I am blurked by some talented photographers, both by vocation and hobby. Posting my picture-ish things on this blog feels a little like posing in a g-string for Tyra Banks or cooking Thanksgiving dinner for Martha. It's really pitiful considering my fabulous camera and the wonderful subject God gave me to work with in Ms. Ava. Photo gifted friends please comment below and give me some tips (Caitlyn, Amanda, Lindsey and many others, I'm talking about you). Help!

Anywho, I snapped a few pictures the other day to send in our 'We've Moved' cards. FYI - if you don't receive one in the mail this week it's because I don't have your address. Email me if you'd like to be on our mailing list,
(Coming soon to our mail friends: Moved cards, Ava as Elphaba Halloween cards, Christmas Cards of Wonder, and Vintage Valentines - all guaranteed to increase the value of your refrigerator front.)

One of the finalist pictures for the Moved cards

First Runner-Up

Ding-ding-ding-ding, we have a winner
Can't lose with a curtsy.

When I glanced up from drying Ava's hair and saw this face

I knew something was wrong. Turns out she'd unscrewed the knob from the (missing) drain cover and dropped it, accidentally, down the open hole.

Being the daughter of a plumber I knew just what to do. Ava adores 'fixer' shows, like Handy Manny and Bob the Builder, so I invited her to help me retrieve the missing knob.

Step 1: DO NOT RUN ANY WATER, then place a large bowl under the U-joint (like that lingo Pops?)

Step 2: Have a strong-handed Mommy unscrew the U-joint at both ends, let the little helper pull

Step 3: Dump contents of U-joint into bowl and retrieve dropped items.

That's right, I said itemS. We found a hair clip in there too.

And now a message from the mommy - I love my sewing room. Like, really really love it. I spent most of Saturday working on a few projects for a sweet friend's baby shower. Having an iron and ironing board always set up is so nice. I keep this table in a closet when I'm not sewing, and it's perfect. I have the bed for laying things out (warning to guests who may sleep here, check for pins first), all my supplies in the dresser drawers, and Friday Night Lights (I'm currently on season 3) streaming on my laptop. Ava would run in from her nearby school room and bring me fake ice cream and fruit. All in all a lovely day.

Ever since our plumbing adventure Ava is obsessed with 'fixing'. Lucky for her Mimi brought a tool kit for her classroom.

One of us will make up some imaginary home repair that we need her to help with, this one was loose fireplace bricks.

She is so serious.

Check out that Game Face.

I think she needs a pink tool belt now. Hmmm, maybe my next sewing project?

Daddy and Ava invented a new game, Stair Soccer.

Daddy stands at the bottom of the carpeted stairs (other staircase is too slippery and not angled properly for Stair Soccer).

Daddy kicks the (not real, think Nerf poofy kind) soccer ball up the stairs to a sitting Ava.

Ball hits the wall - goal for Daddy

Ball doesn't hit the wall - giggle fit for Ava

Sometimes the ball rolls into the media room.

She's happy to retrieve it,

and toss it back down the stairs.

If you're still a little fuzzy on the concept, or would like to hear a giggle fit ensue, please watch our video here:


Lindsay said...

My biggest tip would be to turn off the flash. Using natural light makes all the difference in the world! And I think you picked the right one for the adorable!

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture with the curtsey!! But...all of them were very cute. I am a big fan of Ava regardless which one you choose. I also loved seeing your new sewing room, you sewing and enjoying yourself. The soccer game with Josh and Ava looked like they were having so much fun. Dad said you need to put an add in the Norman newspaper because you could charge $60.00 for a service call.

Love ya
Mom, Baba

Hannah said...

I'm super jealous of all of your sewing going on. I'm waiting until the 20th so your brother can get me a starter sewing machine for our anniversary. Yahoo!

N and I will send you our addresses after we move in on Sunday. And the football schedule.

And I've been meaning to ask you for a chocolate chip cookie recipe of yours. One holiday (Christmas '09 perhaps) you, Sarah, and your mom all made chocolate chip cookies and they were all different and wonderful so I sorta really need the recipe. Please.

Oh and nice Tyra g-string reference. You're like the good christian model who won't go totally naked for the shoot but doesn't mind wearing a thong and reading a psalm afterwords, right? ;)

Tammy said...

I love Stair Soccer. I was worried that Ava wasn't going to be able to catch her breath because of the giggle attack. Looks like fun.

Matt said...

Living in Polar Bear country will teach you to be creative with entertainment. This is a classic "Lockett" game. Ava is so precious.