Monday, February 1, 2010


As indicated by my previous post, we were all desperate for some time outside. The problem was that all of my snow clothes are in Texas and Ava has none. Lucky for us the precious family I nanny for had plenty of warm ski clothes to share! With schools closed again today (well, not OU) we all headed out for a day of fun.

Can you believe we had the park all to ourselves?

Dashing through the snow

in a one-horse open sleigh

We found this darling snowman and had to strike a pose.

Teaching Ava sledding basics

Heading down the hill

Loving it

I felt a little guilty having this much fun while Josh was across the street in class.

Beautiful girl

Here we go again

Tuckered out and ready for hot chocolate

As I'm writing this post the weatherman is talking about more winter mix expected Wednesday evening through Friday and another big system on Monday. We've got warm clothes to wear and great snow playmates, I say bring it on!


Anonymous said...

Looks like some kids had a great time!!! Dad and I loved those big smiles on Ava's face!!! I am so glad Ava has J K and J to play with. Love ya, Mom
From Dad...just think about when you were working and Josh was having coffee with his seminary friends or Josh jumping over the fire! Again, this is from your dad!

Hannah said...

Nathan and I are very jealous. All of our snow is brown and watery and not very snowy anymore. Ha.

Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that you and Ava had a chance to venture out today for some winter fun and it looks like you both did. Great pics.