Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday Aunt Sarah!

This weekend we headed to Dallas to celebrate Aunt Sarah's 23rd birthday. We kicked things off at Sprinkles early Saturday morning so the yummiest cupcakes wouldn't be sold out. Ava recommends the Chocolate Marshmallow and I adore the Cinnamon Sugar, while Aunt Sarah and Baba insist the Strawberry are the very best. The boys didn't make their opinions known, so I'm assuming they prefer to study the subject further. Cupcake research is hard work, but we were willing to make the sacrifice.

It wouldn't be a trip to visit the Crawfords without a trip to North Park. The mall was blossoming with flowers for spring. Ava blended right in with her crazy=colored outfit.

Snuggles by the flowers

Day two of birthday fun took us to the Southlake Town Square. The boot coordination was completely unintentional. I didn't realize how similar our footwear was until I was uploading these pictures.

Just the old Raines girls, old as in formerly not age

Ava loving on her Aunt Sarah

On our way out of town, ahem - state, we stopped by one of our favorite grocery stores to stock up on the groceries that are either unavailable or unaffordable in OK. I realized we had no pictures with Uncle Brandon so I snapped this cute shot...well, it's cute of Brandon and Sarah anyway.

Of course Josh wasn't able to come for the weekend of birthday fun. In fact, he's so covered up with work for the next month that Ava and I might as well be out of town every weekend. Anyone want to house a law-widow and law-orphan for a weekend? Seriously.


Anonymous said...

You guys are always welcome at the Randall house! Ava can come spend some time whipping these boys into shape :-)


Susie said...

You can come to our house! I'm a grad school widow!

The Broaddus Family said...

I would invite you guys to visit us ANYTIME but there's only one problem... we're never here on the weekends! Miss ya'll- we need a phone date soon!

Kristyn said...

Jack says you should come here! He feels like he is being cheated because he still hasn't met his future wife : )