Sunday, February 28, 2010

Locketts Unplugged

This semester Josh has an enormous appellate brief project due on top of all the normal class load. Because of the extra work we're seeing even less of him this semester. Thank goodness I have my best girl to keep me company. Although Josh came home for dinner on Friday he stayed at the law school working until 11:00. Ava and I spent our evening playing with her new Fancy Nancy paper dolls, watching Snow White, and eating an entire sleeve of Thin Mint cookies.

The dolls before their makeovers

After the makeovers, note Ava's fancy sticker work on Nancy

We are in a stage of THE most awkward picture faces ever. When the camera appears Ava has three facial expressions: 1: mid-bowel-movement-smile, 2: sheer terror, 3: a horrifying mixture of the two. Believe it or not the pictures on this post are actually the good ones. She really was excited about her movie pick.

On Saturday evening our church rented out the local skating rink. With the help of Missy's backward skating skills Ava was skating all alone by the end of the first hour.

I think all of her time in gymnastics has helped her learn to balance in precarious situations.

We love many things about our castle, but the lack of wireless internet was not of one of them. The fact that we had to be connected to the wall to use our internet was even more frustrating because the on-campus apartments for single students right across the street have WiFi. (These apartments also have washer/dryers, dishwashers, and are adorable and new. Why they'd allow some frat-tastic single boy to live there and not a sweet married family who would actually appreciate and take care of the property is completely unknown to me. Odd, huh? Grr. Not that I'm complaining though, just observing with a twinge of sarcasm.)
Anyway, not only is it a torts nightmare to have a 30-foot etherenet cord sprawled over a 600-square-foot living space, but with a girl who loves to blog and a boy whose law studying needs trumped the need to blog it was just a recipe for disaster. Tonight as I was attempting to start a post I noticed that our cord-full internet was not working. Josh did some clicking around and discovered that the rumors we'd been hearing were true.

*Thanks to Josh for the following photo ideas and for taking a break to snap them for me.

Look ma, no cord!

What? Online in the kitchen?

and in Ava's room?

and in the bathroom?

and in our bedroom?

Truly, this is a castle and I feel like THE luckiest princess.
(And yes, Josh has been studying away the entire time I've been writing this post. Amazing.)


Anonymous said...

wireless internet in the bathroom- awesome!!! :-)


The Waggoners said...

Woo hoo! indeed the little things in life make our castles grander :-)
BTW-Beautiful girls in those pictures!

Lindsay said...

it's the small things in life!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dad said, only two aggies would live in a place for 8 months before discovering wireless internet. Autumn check and see if the tolet inside the house works then you can tear the outhouse outside down.