Sunday, September 27, 2009

We are very, very busy!

I usually only post once a week, but the past couple of days have been jam packed with activities. If I wait until Wednesday my camera may explode.

On Thursday Ava and I were excited to host Laura and Theo Zeltner for breakfast (Gus was at preschool). Oliver (the husband/daddy) is in Josh's section at the law school. Ava loved playing with a baby.

Sweet touches

We decided to try some shaving cream letter writing. Ava exclaimed, "Mmmm, it smells like Daddy!" At first she tried writing with her fingers.

Then decided it was too icky.

She requested to use a pencil. I'm not kidding. I can't make up this stuff.

Concentrating on her name, click to make this picture larger.
She's getting really good at writing her name.

J and JK have introduced us to a new park. There is a large pond, playground, walking trail AND ducks and geese. The girls were checking out the wildlife.

Ava trying to pull the shade down on the stroller, not thrilled to be so close to the birds.

Talking with Grandmother Tree, her voice sounds a lot like JK's.

Strolling around the pond

Playing their own version of tetherball

The angle of this video is not ideal, but the giggles are totally worth the neck pain.

Another beautiful (and slightly warmer) day at Cambridge Park.


JK made her laugh in this shot.

On Friday night we headed to Orr Family Farm to visit the pumpkin patch. Gus (far left) is a fellow law orphan*. The cutie in the middle is his cousin. There were also two tiny babies on this adventure, but they were busy having their diapers changed at this point.

*Law Orphan - child of a law student
see also Law Widow - wife of a law student

Ready for pumpkins!

Look how tall she is this fall!

This girl LOVED the sheep.

Hugging her new friends

She did not want to leave their pen.

Snuggle bunny

Two cute chicks

Practicing her cow milking skills

First-ever hay ride back from the pumpkin patch

A little bummed that the spontaneous rain shower kept the train parked at the station. We get to go back and ride another day. To ease the train pain she picked out a cute lamb backpack. She named it Shiver.

Saturday was a day of birthdays. First was a princess themed party for our new friend Gabby, also a law orphan.

Party games with Noah, another law orphan.

Stick the jewel on the tiara!

Making some noise with Mommy

Cake time

After a long afternoon nap we headed to a Thomas themed party for Gus. Ava just so happened to have THE perfect outfit.

"Alright birthday boy, you're stealing my Thomas thunder."

Playing in the backyard

She even has a Thomas cup? What a gal.

Is this normal?

Josh will be attending a dinner with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Thursday night. The dress: business dressy. So on Sunday afternoon we went suit shopping. We knew this would happen eventually in law school, just never dreamed it would be so soon. Ava kept herself entertained while Daddy shopped.

Working to get the perfect fit

My handsome fella'
The suit should be ready and freshly tailored on Wednesday afternoon AND it was 50% off, woohoo!

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The Waggoners said...

Looks like you all are having lots of 'stay at home mom' fun! ;-) So glad you are loving living in Norman and meeting so many people.
I love the picture of the "who's the biggest Thomas fan" stare down-so cute!
Ava has the sweetest smile-her whole face lights up