Monday, October 5, 2009

Flippin' fun

Since Ava and I have acclimated to our new schedule I decided it was time to find a place to take gymnastics. Ava had been attending Zero Gravity in Hewitt since she was 18 months old. She enjoyed the classes, and I adored the outfits. Also, she was beginning to use our couches and beds like trampolines and any stationary horizontal piece of metal as a gymnastics bar. It was time. We settled upon the Bart Conner Gymnastics program. Several of our friends were already taking classes there, so it made sense. Here she is, waiting patiently for class to start.

Practicing some "moves"

It's hard to wait when you're 2.

Gabby's daddy is in law school with Josh. We joined her class so Ava would have a friend.

Some warm-up laps in the waiting room

My little blond blur


Swing-stepping skills

On Thursday evening Josh attended a dinner and fireside chat with Justice Kennedy. Can you spot Josh in this photo? One of his Constitutional Law classes was taught by the Supreme Court Justice! When Josh came home from class he had to get all dolled up for the dinner. Ava advised on the tying of the tie.

Only one tiny mirror in this joint.
(You should see me jumping up in the the air, trying to see if the shoes work with my outfit.)

Final adjustments, so serious

Ready to go

He left our humble abode and headed for the very swanky event.
Ava and I had a date with Pei Wei and laundry, very exciting stuff.

When I came inside from taking Josh's final picture this is where I found the girl.
See why we need gymnastics?

We entertained Gus and Theo on Saturday evening while their parents had a sushi date.
The big kids ate their dinner.

All three kiddos (and a happy caretaker)

Ava's first time to share her toys. She was actually very generous, only a few tears shed.

Theo was very concerned about the toy sharing, as you can tell.


k and c's mom said...

Bart Connor as in Olympic Medalist Bart Connor? Our little Ava may go far in the world of gymnastics!

Jaryn said...

Wow that HLS is my brother?? He sure knows how to work that suit! I'm glad Ava James is enjoying gymnastics and the dinner went well for Josh.
You look wayyyyy too natural with all those kiddos at the dinner table!!! Thanks for the tip on the Gap jeans Friday, they're beyond awesome. Can't wait to see my favorite sister-in-law and spend time with all of you at Thanksgiving to catch up! I miss y'all!