Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hot chocolate fun with JK and J.

When you wake up in the morning with angel hair and cute Halloween pajamas photoshoots are inevitable.

Sitting on the pumpkin was entirely her idea.

This was actually the first picture I took.
"Beware, my mama is crazy."

When Josh and I first began to consider living on campus I immediately thought of two people. Lindsay and Robyn.

Lindsay is an amazing cook, who rocked intense recipes Iron Chef style in a tiny apartment kitchen. My mantra was, "If Lindsay can do it, I can do it." I've been cooking from her kitchen blog for the past week, and my family is thrilled.

Robyn is that girl who could go to the dollar store and find a Tiffany lamp. She took a one bedroom apartment and made it cozy, chic, and comfortable. When she and Matt moved into their work-in-progress home I had no doubt that it would be the envy of every Bluebell loving Houston-ite who saw it. The past few times Josh and I visited them I admired the adorably shabby chic cookbook, Slenderella.

On Friday a mysterious package arrived from Brenham, Texas. I could not imagine what might be inside.

You guessed it.

With a sweet card that reinforced every wish that the Farmers lived closer, she sent me this perfect little book. It sits in a place of honor in my kitchen.

Although, if she's sending things I ogle in her home I'm expecting Ms. Arabelle any day now.

A cool Saturday morning


and jumping in the leaves.

Lunch at Chic Fil A

Ready to play after lunch

Tuckered out after lunch and grocery shopping

Comfy girl

After her bath I blowdry Ava's clothes to warm them before dressing her and rub her with lotion in front of the little heater. No goosebumps for the princess.

Josh spent Sunday afternoon/evening at the law school.
It was cold and wet outside, so Ava and I had to be creative.


Lindsay said...

You are so sweet! I love Ava's argyle cute!

Anonymous said...

I loved Ava with the pumpkins!! I remember you waking up with perfect hair sometime. I even have the pictures to prove it. Remember the pictures in your gown with the cabbage patch babies? That is the one with the perfect hair. Love you guys!!
Mom, Patty

The Farmers said...

Yeah!!!!! I am so happy it is in your kitchen as I wish I am many nights when your cooking up those amazing meals. I too wish we lived closer. Miss you guys and hope to see you soon.

Grannalisa said...

I found your blog on my daughter's (Britni Johnson) blog and have periodically followed your posts. I had to leave a comment today after reading that you blowdry Ava's clothes. That cracks me up. I love it. Britni used to tell me how bad I spoiled her brother because I would put his towels and clothes in the dryer so they would be warm for him! So what if he was in high school at time. LOL