Saturday, January 17, 2009

2nd Birthday Party

It's a wonderful life

Loving on Daddy

Dancing with Daddy in the kitchen while Mommy cuts veggies and fruit for the birthday party.

After a night in her crib, Ava snuggles in the morning next to Daddy. As you can see there was no room for Mommy.

Riding on the horsey before the big fun begins at the Jumping Party!

Bouncing with the balls

Uncle Nate helps Ava on the slide...happy birthday to Uncle Nate too!

Daddy helps Ava on the slide too.

All smiles...except the birthday girl. She didn't want to take pictures, she wanted to play!

The crazy boys

Emma and Ava climb the ladder to the slide.

Fun on the slide

Leah and sweet baby Jack

Ryan and Kristyn help Ava climb the wall to the top of the slide.

Look who I found in the obstacle course!

A Thomas cake by Lori!

Many sweet friends and family members helped us celebrate Ava's second birthday! Aunt Jaryn, Coach, Mimi, Lea, Emma, Aiden, Holly, Rhonda, Braiden, Aunt Sarah, Papa, Uncle Brandon, Baba, Pops, Cam, Ryan, Kristyn, Seth, Lisa, Jonah, Mommy, Daddy, Sarah, Ray, Hannah, Uncle Nate, Todd, Eli, Beth, Isaac, Nanny, Theresa (Tammy, Zach, Leah, and Jack who weren't in the group picture).

Since they don't make Thomas stuff for girls, Beene Beene made Ava a Thomas dress! Ava is a girl who loves trains, so we're glad she was able to celebrate with all of her favorite characters from the Island of Sodor.

"Peep peep! Happy birthday Ava," said Thomas.

Ava enjoyed a very Thomas birthday party.

Josh gave me a green icing kiss.

Ava enjoys some refreshments after jumping.

Ava gives Emma a bearhug.

Thanks to everyone who made this a great second birthday for Ava! If you have cute pictures from the party please send them my way, I'd love to include them.


k and c's mom said...

Happy Birthday, Ava!
Can you believe it has been two years, Autumn!
Loved the family picture. Blew it up and recognized so many in your family. What a shot full of love! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Claire's World said...

Happy Birthday Ava!!! I hope this next year is filled with so many blessings!!!

The Broaddus Family said...

Looks like ya'll had a great celebration! Sorry we missed it! Ava looks precious and SO BIG!