Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 and BIG news!

Ava enjoys chocolate chip pancakes for her birthday breakfast. She blew out the candles 4 times before Josh finally got this shot.

sweet girl

so silly

Riding the new Radio Flier Tricycle from Daddy and Mommy.

Zooming a little too close to Mommy

A balloon bouquet!

Jumping for birthday joy!

Posing like a big girl. I bought Ava this dress during the summer and thought it would never fit. Well, now it does! It was the perfect birthday dress.

Yummy, a birthday treat from chocolate!

Happy birthday from Mommy and Daddy (Do you notice anything different about Daddy? Make sure to see the end of this post for fun news.)

Happy birthday from BaBa and Pops!

With all the birthday festivities, Ava James did not have a nap today. She was sleepy and snuggling with BaBa.

On the way home Ava was wilting. She kept saying, "I love my Tigger." Soon she was completely zonked.

Here she was at 9:13 (her birth time)...asleep in her bed, still in her birthday dress. I'm sure she's dreaming sweet two-year-old dreams.

We also received fantastic news tonight...Josh was accepted to Baylor's Law School! All of the acceptance schedules showed that he wouldn't find out until April 1. We were shocked to find out so soon. Unless something really crazy happens, it looks like we're here for another three years. Ava and I could not be more proud of Josh. Please pray for us as we all prepare for major transition. Law school would start on Monday, May 11, and Josh would graduate from Truett Seminary on Friday, May 15. Did I mention that my summer break doesn't start until June 3? Does anyone want a beautiful toddler for a few weeks at the beginning of the summer? Just kidding about that last part, but seriously...pray for us.


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Ava! I can't believe she is 2!! And CONGRATS to Josh! What an exciting time!

The Broaddus Family said...

i gave you a blog award! check it out on my blog!