Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Ava,

Ava, age 15 minutes

Ava, age 1 hour

Ava, age 1.5 hours

Dear Ava,
I suspected you were there and turned down wine with lunch…but I was afraid to find out for sure, fearful to hope. Daddy bought a test, covertly at Brookshire’s. (Buying a pregnancy test in a small hometown can be tricky, even if you’re married.)The two blue lines said yes, you were there, starting to grow inside of me. I was scared to love you, but I couldn’t help myself. The first doctor’s appointment was nerve-wracking until we saw you. A gray blurry flicker, your little heart was fluttering on the screen. I knew you were strong. We read to you, sang to you – Mommy’s choir practice was your favorite part of the week. Your somersaults helped me hit notes I never thought possible. Soon you began to respond when I read novels to my class at school. Your stillness after the chapter was over let me know that you were asleep, dreaming of adventures from the story. Daddy knew you were a girl from the beginning, but you were very tricky. Your modest leg-crossed position kept us guessing, and led to your nursery paint being light green…just to be safe. But there was no hiding that precious profile; you had Daddy’s cute Who-nose. Your favorite game was Stretch the Seatbelt, which made morning drives to work exhilarating. Could Mommy “hold it” while you played the seatbelt game? Most of the time, yes.
On January 19, 2007 I waddled past the office and told the secretary to contact my long-term substitute, I knew it was time. A long weekend of “not quite yet” led to the best of Mondays. You arrived on January 22 at 9:13 pm, 8 pounds and 1 ounce, 21.5 inches long. Beautiful. Wrapped Daddy around your pinkie on the way to your first bath, and made Mommy feel so happy when you nursed so expertly. The family and friends waiting to meet you loved you all at once, just like we did. And still do.
During your first year you grew so fast and smart. You were a happy baby at home with Daddy, Mommy, and Mamaw throughout the week. Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends doted on you during weekends. We took you skiing, to a Nickelcreek concert, to church, to visit friends, to the lake. You fit perfectly into our little family. Reading books, signing, singing, playing outside, stroller rides, baby dolls, playing catch, popping bubbles, swimming, and baths were some of your favorite things. Though Daddy and I missed our Sunday afternoon naps, having you in our lives felt so right.
In our second year with you, we’ve watched your interests develop and mature. You still love baby dolls, and are currently playing mommy to eight sweet babies. You love trains, and even got to ride the real Thomas! Coloring and sculpting with Play Doh are your favorite activities while Mommy and Daddy cook. You like to cook too. You could feed a whole plastic army with your play kitchen set. Recently you’ve discovered Pooh, who looks a little different than when Mommy and Daddy were your age. When the new mystery-solving Pooh says his slogan “The Super Sleuths are on the case!” you recite along with him. You are brave and self-confident. The phrase most uttered in our house is “I have to do it.” The other morning at church as I was kissing you goodbye in the nursery you said “Go Mommy, and close the door.” We are really raising a self-sufficient young lady. Though your independence can be trying at times, we still can’t help but love you Ava James. Happy second birthday!

Ava, age 1 year

I will post pictures of Ava, age 2, after 9:13 tonight!


The Broaddus Family said...

autumn! your blogs/ journals/ letters/ poems/ etc are so poetic and captivating! i can't imagine how in love you are with ava when i know she steals my heart and i'm just a friend! wasn't it only yesterday i almost let her head flop on the table at cheddars while she fell asleep in my lap?!? and now at cheddars she practices her shapes, such as octagon? c.r.a.z.y. love you guys and hope ava has a spectacular 2nd birthday!

k and c's mom said...

What a great two years!
Happy Birthday, Ava!