Thursday, September 24, 2009


Mondays are our library day. There is a toddler story time at 9:30, and a preschool story time at 10:30. Sometimes we make both. Sometimes we don't. The princess wakes up any time between 8:30 and 9:30. I'll wake her up for farmer's market mornings, but not library. We'll get there when we get there. And unlike the best vegetables, the books will still be there.

Here are Ava and her B.F.F. Grace enjoying a song to kick off the morning.

"Two little monkeys jumping on the bed,

One fell off and bumped his head,
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Play-Doh mornings are the best.

Ava enjoys her time spent with J and JK each afternoon. They have become two of her "best friends in the old world."

(She says "old" for "own", for instance: "I want to do it by my old self.")

Here is J with his incredibly imaginative eraser army.

Ava is fascinated.

Not the most natural smile, but cute all the same.

Her attention span doubles with J.

If I could edit out that water spout this would be a great picture.

Many many thanks to Leah Crow for magic-ing out the unsightly water spout!

One more shot of the army

Swinging with JK

Admiring her skills

When we leave J and JK's house Ava sobs big heartbreaking tears. Every single day. She loves spending time with them and their fun toys. Part of the reason for the meltdown each evening is that she is zonked. Because of my nannying schedule, Ava's naps are unbelievably late. When we show up to Wednesday night church with a sleeping toddler eyebrows are raised. Grandparents call to talk to her late evening, and are shocked that she's asleep. Normally she falls asleep in her carseat on my trip from J and JK's house to our Castle, around 5:15. She sleeps until around 7:00. While she naps I have time to make dinner and spend a little time with Josh. If she is still out when dinner is ready, Josh and I eat together. When Ava wakes up she eats dinner and we walk, play, love on HLS, sew, catch up on Pooh or Wonderpets, color, play the keyboard, talk to grandparents, and then around 10:30 I put her back down for the night. She sleeps, as I've mentioned above, until between 8:30 or 9:30 the next morning. I promise she is rested, happy, healthy, and so loved. Sure the sleeping schedule is strange, but it works for us. This next picture shows a typical evening.

If you click to make the picture larger you'll see Ava delighting in dinner over my sewing area. The Wonder Pets were using teamwork to save a baby animal in the background as we discussed whose Christmas present I was working on. Josh was in the other room studying, also very typical these days. We could not be more proud of his hard work!

The flip side of the living room

Martha would be utterly appalled at this makeshift craft area, but all the under-table studios are spoken for.

On our way to the farmers market this morning we saw a train!

Two of Ava's favorite things in one morning, F.M. and a train.

And then there were PUMPKINS!

Actually the pumpkins and gourds made their F.M. debut last week, but of course I forgot my camera.

This trailer was filled with the most gorgeous fall fruit you've ever seen.

Market snuggles on a chilly morning, note the sweaters

A kind vendor saw that I was snap happy and offered to let Ava use his snazzy backdrop.

F.M. trio squinting in the sun

A milk, egg, and cheese run to Target turned into a slow trudge through the toy aisle.
Okay, I admit it wasn't quite a trudge. JK has a noisy doll that Ava is obsessed with. This doll is the catalyst for some of the goodbye tears.T he Target circular had advertised Circo dolls on sale for $10. I couldn't help myself. It's not like Ava was longing for a Vera Wang wedding dress. Plus, I've sold 3 Breasticle Vesticles (fabric formerly known as Hooter Hiders/HH/Nurz/Nursing Drapes) this week. One of Josh's law school friends renamed them after I gifted one to his sweet wife. Wow, I am really chasing rabbits tonight. So this is the $10 baby that made Ava's day. I immediately asked her what the doll's name was.

Sunkipper of idea where that came from but it fits. She is the sweetest doll. She blinks, coos, cries, laughs, sucks on the bottle, says mama, and moves like a real baby while she eats. I'm in love, um, I mean Ava's in love.

On my way to pick up J each day I pass these too-cute pumpkins. Today we were early so I stopped. I want to come back when Ava's costume is complete and take some more pictures. I hope the nursery doesn't sell them before then.

Ava had to check things out first.

Smiles all around

Happy fall everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I loved all of it! Ava looks so cute in all her new clothes!!! The pumpkins were huge. What a grouping for fall! Love ya so much, Mom and Baba