Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crawlspace, Cupcakes & Calendars

Thanks to our sweet friends, the Browns, Ava and I discovered the Norman Public Library. Even more importantly, we found their AMAZING children's department. With Rhythm Babies, Toddler and Preschool story times, train tables, lego tables, block tables, a puppet theater, kid audiobooks and DVDs, fun animals, AND a little potty (just like the one Pops installed in our old house)...we have found our home away from home.

Ava met the African Frogs,

and the gerbils.

This busy gerbil was running round and round.

Sitting and waiting patiently for story time to begin, on a carpet square
(such a tingly school moment)

The generous kiddos that Ava and I hang out with each afternoon offered their old scooter and helmet for our park trip. Ava has watched her idol, Darby, ride a scooter. She was anxious to scoot around the whole park. Unfortunately this band-nerd mom was unable to show her how to ride. The scooter will be going to Clifton with us this weekend. Maybe someone coordinated can try to help her.

Here is the illusive J, finally caught on film.
He's a master of the tire swing.

This week of law school has allowed for more time with HLS. He's learning how to manage his time, and we're soaking up the extra minutes. I'm sure this was some welcome light reading, no briefing required.

Another sweet church friend, Stacy Lubbers, who also happens to be Ava's Sunday School teacher joined us for a Starbucks/Farmer's Market date on Wednesday. Stacy is also the wife of Rich, student minister at the church. It's so fun to sit and talk with folks who are in shoes similar to the ones we've worn and lived to tell about (wow, pretty sure that's not a real sentence...nope it's not, I just tried to diagram it). God has been strategically placing law school wife survivors in my path (seriously, 3 just this week). Their amazing stories and encouragement keep my head above water. I hope to pass the same support on to the Lubbers. Don't let Ava's wind scowl fool you, she loves this chica.
(Ava griped at the wind all morning, "No wind, don't blow my hair anymore!")

Helping Stacy pick out some tomatoes

Ava helped me choose another watermelon this week.
I didn't realize how sketch this van was until just now. The watermelon was totally safe, I promise;)

I'm not about to sock Ava in the face, just holding onto the melon's stem.

The goods:
make sure to check out Cooking Pink later this weekend for an amazing Acorn Squash Bisque recipe

Crawlspace #1:
In our tiny abode we have to be super creative with space. Our printer rests permanently under the dining room table. Here is where I found HLS on Wednesday evening, happily printing out important documents.
(Note the blue shopping bag half unloaded on the table top, Winnie the Pooh towel drying over the chair, and pink parasol stashed underneath. He's so extremely patient with us!)

I know this picture is sad, but it's a reality for us these days. Ava's dry, hacky cough has been keeping me up for the past week or so. She's 100% fine all day, but after sleeping for a few hours the hacking begins. As soon as I move her onto the couch and let her sleep on my chest she is fine. The breathing treatments help some, but sleeping with Mommy seems to be the only real cure. Uncle Brandon will be working on her this weekend (between dove hunting trips). He's also bringing some new vitamins that should help her. I know her issues are allergy related. Oklahoma has some funky trees. Hope to have my healthy girl back soon!

Crawlspace #2:
Halfway through making coffee on Thursday morning I noticed things were quiet. Every mom and teacher reading this knows exactly what that means, check on the kiddos quick. I walked through the house calling for Ava, and she didn't answer. I knew that she had to be in the house, the deadbolt was locked. Upon second inspection in the living room I noticed that the basket of tiny yellow tomatoes was missing from the coffee table. Then I heard a little sound from beneath the end table.

Monkey see monkey do.

I am a little jealous that I don't have an under-table to call my own.

The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band practices in the field adjoining our apartment complex. The beautiful 72 degree afternoon demanded that we sit and listen for a while.

Enjoying the music

Clapping to the beat

"I'm going to

come and get you Mommy!"

Dancing to the music

Two peas in a pod

HLS has dedicated Thursday evenings to us. A wise man instructed all of the 1L's (first-year law students) to set aside one night each week for their families. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dean Evans!

This week we headed to Bricktown in Oklahoma City.

Loving the ducks and the water

Ava, did you put that truck on top of the building?!

I wanted to find a fun spot for us to grab dessert, so I entered "Sprinkles" into the GPS. Sara Sara Cupcakes popped up first on the list. From the adorable house that hosts the cupcake store, to the cute logo and Astroturf front lawn this place was pure bliss. If I'd brought a book and pillow with me I might have spent the night.

This is Ava's "stop taking pictures and give me a cupcake" face.

My two cupcakes observe one cupcake.

Our choices:
Coconut Cream - Daddy
Chocolate - Ava James
Vanilla Bean - Mommy

In true first-born fashion, we all three thought our cupcake tasted best.
Really, mine won because I type the words on the blog:)

Getting a little help from Mommy

Messy girl

The happy family

With these cooler temperatures (we've actually observed the geese starting to v-up and fly south), I decided to put up some of my fall decorations. Most of my decorations for fall are Halloween-related, and it's still a little early for that. Just having a few splashes of autumn around the house makes this Autumn very happy.

Here's my "entryway" decorated for fall:

On Sunday at church Mitch Randall preached a sermon about Making and Impact. Baskets containing random acts of kindness were passed around and we were supposed to draw one. (We're going to hell for this, but Josh and I could not help laughing at some of the older folk who were confused and kept trying to throw their offering into the baskets. I was secretly hoping to pick a $20 instead of a kind act suggestion.) Anyway, before the basket got to our row Josh and I decided to switch slips of paper before looking at them. We switched and he immediately started trying to give his to me. I was not going to switch because my "traded for" act was perfect for me. As it turned out, we drew the same act of kindness. What are the odds?

Take dessert to a neighbor


Ava and I baked the cookies, and Josh will help with delivery. What a great message for us all. Thanks Mitch!

Since we live so far away from our family, I made Ava a family tree poster for her room. Instead of hounding me to see pictures of Aunt Jaryn or Aunt Sarah on my computer, she can see them anytime. I actually completed this project the week after we moved in but haven't posted about it yet.

Many thanks to Mimi for donating this calendar set. We have enjoyed changing the date each morning, and telling Daddy what day it is in the evenings. Sometimes he really doesn't know:)

You can tell Ava is feeling more at home in her castle, crazy naked baby.

As a lover of books, libraries, reading, and words I had to take a picture of Ava with her first checked out library books. The Z Was Zapped, Peedie, Ollie, and BooBoo
This girl LOVES Oliver Dunrea books, and this mommy LOVES Chris Van Allsburg.

In other Ava's room news, a collective sigh of relief was heard from the Loving Family Dollhouse when the long sought after bathroom was finally located in stores. A line quickly formed as bladders were emptied, babies were scrubbed, and hair was dried. Yes there's a hair dryer in the drawer of the cabinet, it was Ava's second favorite piece in the bathroom. I'll let you guess her first.


The Waggoners said...

What a fun week! I love your blog! I am sure your family loves getting to see and read about the daily happenings in Norman.

The pic of Ava 'enjoying' a breathing treatment brings back many memories of Kade-he actually became pretty proficient in doing it mostly by himself (pretty sad but I guess when you feel so much better afterwards, he felt like be capable and like doing it himself) Good news-he has 'outgrown' most of his breathing issues. Will be praying for Ava and her little lungs.

The Pride has always been a highlight for the Waggoner kiddos as well, your lucky to have them so long as you are not trying to sleep ;-)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

Hilarious! I love reading your blog. :) I am jealous of your fall weather. Things are not looking very autumnal right now in Waco!

k and c's mom said...

I know your mom has all her fall stuff out already! Sounds like you are loving Norman. And Bricktown? So surprised you'd pick cupcakes there over Toby Keith's restaurant's specialty: thick fried baloney. (Ick.) Went there with Katy last year--did not try the specialty.

Stacy said...

When does the Pride practice? I walk by there a lot on my way back to my car after school...I'm kind of a band nerd, is it creepy to go watch them if you don't have any kids? :)


Very fun cupcake place! I think Rich would enjoy that possibly more than Ava - he's a sugar addict (I don't often bake anymore without giving lots away because he would eat it ALL) But I love him inspite! :)

johnson said...

Hey girl!!! The dresses are easy to make. They are called pillow case dresses. I just looked online on how to make them. I went to the following website and followed the directions. Although, I bought my own fabric because it was cheaper. I made 2 of the dresses in which the ribbon slides through at the top of the dress and the other one I made with elastic. Whichever one you feel comfortable with.

It's pretty easy!!!