Sunday, February 20, 2011

A post 2 years in the making

When we decided to move to Oklahoma for Josh to attend law school, we put our house in Texas on the market. We figured it would sell in a month or so. Fast forward two years and we've finally sold our house! (Yes, that is an exclamation-mark-worthy event.) The contract arrived through the crazy snow via Fed Ex, so we headed up to the law school to sign.

Ava found some fresh, untouched snow.

Love the frosting in the trees

See Josh sign.

See Autumn sign.

See Josh and Autumn sign.

See Josh and Autumn celebrate.

See all three Locketts celebrate.

It has always been our tradition for Josh to cook Valentine's dinner for me. Restaurants are so crowded, loud and impersonal. This year he included Ava in the cooking process.

Such a helper

Her tongue out tells you she's really concentrating.

Ava had a bottle of her own sparkling grape juice and some shrimp cocktail. She took a little snack break while Josh grilled the snapper.

The master chef hard at work

Ava kept careful watch on the dessert.

She enjoyed the special dinner by candlelight.

Baby herb salad with petite shrimp, garlic bread, rice pilaf, grilled snapper with seafood sauce (crawfish, crab and gobs of butter).

We have been outside enjoying the warmer temperatures this week.

Fun in the sun

Some stubborn snow is still hanging around despite the shorts weather.

Thanks for reading and catching up with us. Hope you enjoy some rain to read by and sunshine to soak in this week. Crossing my fingers for one more bout of snow before spring, but shhh don't tell any of the snow haters.


Adriane said...

Congratulations on having your house (finally) sold! I'm sure that is a huge weight off of your shoulders.

The Farmers said...

So thrilled your house sold!!!!!!!!! That's for you Josh!!!