Thursday, February 3, 2011

From Inside the Snow Globe

With a menacing blizzard looming, G and O's grandparents, who usually watch them on Mondays, could not make the drive to Norman. We were more than happy for a play date afternoon.

Sweet O enjoyed riding on the giraffe while the girls played sushi/dog groomer/wedding cake makers.

Later that evening the blizzard roared in with bright flashes of purple lightening and booming thunder. It began by depositing several inches of ice on the ground, then layered 8+ inches of powdery snow.

Rich and Stacy decided to snow in with us on this side of town, closer to their jobs - just in case they had to make the treacherous drive. Turns out everything closed and Tuesday turned into a Puzzle Extravaganza.

Well, everything but Mommy School closed. Ava demanded to learn - snow or no snow.

Back yard drifts

In the heat of the day on Tuesday, about 8 degrees with windchill of -18, we ventured outside for about five minutes.

Attempting a snowman, ended up looking more like a snow volcano.

Crazy blowing snow

The frosted neighborhood

Snowed in

Front view

On the ridge

Snotty snow face

One of the most wonderful things about a break from law school is seeing HLS in the kitchen. Ava was happy to help him whip up a batch of chocolate cinnamon chip cookies.

The cookies did not last long.

While they made cookies, Stacy and I made Texas Quiche.

(Non puzzle-enthusiasts may want to scroll quickly through these next few pictures.)
Josh received many puzzles for Christmas this year. We were thrilled to have time to put together the 4-D New York City puzzle. After assembling the bottom layers, Mr. Type A First Born Control Freak Josh designed an intricate plan for how we would install the buildings. All four of us rolled a die, the highest number chose first. Then we continued going around the group, each choosing an edifice until all 126 were chosen - took about an hour. Then we each arranged our chosen numbers in chronological order. Finally it was time for the buildings to go into the at a time...with a brief description of the building and when it was constructed...and a pause at the end of each construction era for a picture. No I'm not making this up, how in the world could I?

End of the first era, 1812-1945

End of second era, 1946-1977

End of third era, 1978-2001
At the end of this time period the puzzle instructed us to remove the World Trade Center towers

It was a very somber puzzle moment.

End of fourth era, 2002-2009

Top view

Future building plans, 2012-2013
I gave Josh all kinds of hell about his Puzzle Reign of Terror, but actually quite enjoyed myself.

Wednesday morning we saw an old friend, the sun. We decided to venture outside for a little while.

Making a snow angel


Daddy attached an old dog leash to the sled and pulled Ava James to the hill.

Pleased with the arrangement

Remember our bike ride to the playground in the last post? Looks a little different in this one, huh?

Ava making snow trails with her hands.

Ready to sled down with Daddy

and Stacy

Venturing down a tiny hill by herself

Penguin moves by Daddy

Snotty snow face part 2

Down the hill


Giggling the entire way

Cheesing it at the bottom

By this time we were all aching from the cold so we bundled up our Ava Mummy and headed home.

All set

Sinking in the snow.
I lamented that I was not an elf from Lord of the Rings, able to walk on top of the snow.

Ava doing her best Humpty Dumpty

A sandy dessert or dry, blowing Oklahoma snow?

Not an elf at all

In case you are asking why the powdery snow is keeping the whole state closed, take a gander at the five inches of solid ice underneath. This was a shot of the street.

A neighbor's house

One last sled trick before home

Little penguin

Snow angels with Stacy

When we heard that Missy's World Famous Cinnamon Rolls were happening a few roads over we just had to go.

Rolling the dough

Slicing the rolls

Putting them in the pan

Playing outside while the rolls rise and bake

Mouth watering yet?

Stacy helped cut Ava's roll into manageable bites.


It was impossible to keep our little frosty girl inside, especially when cute boys were playing on the trampoline. Daddy borrowed proper face attire from the Randall's bag of ski fun. Doesn't she look hilarious?

I'm typing this on our third day of snowcation. Not sure what heaven will be like, but I'm thinking it can't get much better than this. Warm wishes to all my dear readers.


The Broaddus Family said...

Can I come play in your Winter Wonderland?!?

The Waggoners said...

What fun memories!

k and c's mom said...

That puzzle is amazing. So are the pictures, the cinnamon rolls and the SNOW. Please send some to Austin before school starts tomorrow so we can have at least one snow day off this decade.