Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curly Sushi Snow

Ava loves to smell all the Scentsy bars, so I let her choose the next one to melt. Even the smallest things can be thrilling when you're snowed in for four days straight.

Her choice: Spiced Grapefruit

We've been playing sushi with her Melissa & Doug set for a few weeks. Josh decided it was time for her to learn to roll real sushi.

Measuring out the rice

and water into the pot

Setting the table all by herself

Preparing the mat with cellophane

Rice is ready. It's time to start.

Captive audience

Roll it up

All done

Best sushi ever, no lie.

We continued a steady pattern of sledding, sleeping, and stuffing our faces through Friday.

Does it get any cuter than this?

By Saturday we were ready to leave the house. Ava and Josh decided to head to the Daddy Daughter Dance. Like all good dances, this one started with the curling process.

To maintain curl in high wind, I began with a curling iron then let the hair cool in sponge rollers.

Ava enjoyed playing her new Olivia app on my phone (best $1.99 ever spent).

Curly and ready in the snow

Daddy looks handsome, even without curls.

Just a little smooch

The two off on their date. The dance was held at the Norman Embassy Suites. You'll remember from this post that Ava once thought we were going to live at this particular hotel.

Posing in the lobby

Making a b-line for the ballroom

Almost there

Y'all should have seen all the precious daughters with their daddies. Oh my goodness, it was 'make your ovaries hurt' adorable.

They were both beaming when I came to pick them up, Ava proudly holding her little yellow rose. We've driven by the Embassy Suites a few times since the dance and each time Ava says, "Do you remember when we went to the Daddy Daughter Dance? That was so much fun!"

What kids do while their parents play boardgames.

Sometimes you just need a snocone, even when there's snow piled in the background.

We decided to take a quick Barnes and Noble trip before the next snow storm.

Huge piles of snow left in the parking lots

Wednesday (today) was another snow day!

Ava took a sled ride to mail her Valentines (be watching your mailboxes).

Down the hill with Daddy

Refusing our advice to climb the right side of the hill back to the top. Sign of things to come? Probably.

She finally did make it to the top.

Down the hill with Mommy

The snow was so powdery today, resulting in much slower sledding.

Brave girl down the hill by herself. At one point we all three sledded down together - sure wish we had photo evidence of that one.

Waiting for Ava to come back up the hill.

If you have to be snowed in, I highly recommend being stuck with these two.


Hannah said...

I wanna be snowed in with those two (plus you!). And Nathan.

Today Tech delayed school basically because the wind was gusting 40+ miles an hour. It wasn't even that icy. Just FA-REEZING.

I can't wait to see valentines :)

Anonymous said...

Ava and Josh looked fantasic!! I know Ava will remember this for a life time. The pink rollers made me think of you and Sarah. All those times I rolled your hair and then later you both taking on that task for the perfect hair do.

Mom, Baba

k and c's mom said...

This looks like SO MUCH FUN. We got half an inch and were thrilled in central Texas. You are practically snowbound. (Ava: you looks so pretty!)