Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Punchline

On Saturday we took Pops, Baba, and Nathan to see the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

I was captivated by this Survivor Tree.

See the dark scars on the bark?

Dancing around in her San Antonio dress from Baba.

You know we had to share our favorite cupcakes.

We ate them later at Barnes & Noble.

Thomas Train table is fun for all.

Josh and I were so excited to spend some time outside of the child section together. We usually take turns playing or reading with Ava while the other goes to browse.

On Tuesday we went to visit Mary and Ben. They have a great backyard that opens up to the municipal golf course. We spent some time flying kites,

and then headed to the little pond to fish. Don't worry, we didn't keep any of the pesticide-filled fish.

Though a former lake rat, this mommy does not do fishing. I hid behind my camera the entire time. I loathe worms, and only touch raw fish if they're soaked in wasabi and low-sodium soy sauce. Josh is not a big fan either. Ava is a completely different story. She was sticking her thumb in the mouth to throw the fish back into the water, poking worms, and now she's begging to go camping. Like camping outside, not 'camping' at the Embassy Suites. Any volunteers to camp with the girl?

Reeling in her first catch
(I've got the jargon right at least.)

Proud angler

A million thanks to Mary for doing all of the (icky) work.

We had a little break in work/school schedules, so we headed to Texas for a few days. Coach, Mimi, and Jaryn took us to Six Flags.

Carousel with Mimi

El sombrero con papa
(Just for you Jaryn.)


Log Flume with Mimi and Coach

HLS was a good sport about this one. Judy spotted the door and we just had to have a picture.
Note the names over the door, Ketchum Cheatum & Wynn.

A glimpse of things to come

So tuckered out and hot.
A little Pink Thing therapy, yummy and reasonably priced.

Not her first visit to the principal's office, but always a fun time.

Playing in the sand and water table on a stifling Saturday morning.

All weekend the Pat Green song, Adios Days, was playing in my head. I love the quiet, windy prairies around Frost.

What is this?

a) a horse trough
b) the baptistery of a small, country church
c) Ava's pool
d) all of the above

If you guessed D, you're right.

In hog heaven, so to speak.

All dressed up to ride horses in JK's hand-me-down horse shirt and pink cowgirl boots. The boots were way too big, but too perfect not to wear.

Don't you think a lone harmonica should be whining out a forlorn melody for this shot?

Such a brave girl


Ray and Sarah invited Ava over to pick some vegetables from their luscious garden.

Picking some squash with Ray

Doesn't this look like the punchline to every Aggie joke you've ever heard?
The guys decided this was the best way to reach a large zucchini in the center of the garden.

Ridiculously silly, but it worked!

Just glad it wasn't a watermelon

After church with preacher Coach

A rare family shot

On our way back to Oklahoma we stopped in Las Colinas to visit Brandon, Sarah, and Baby Cashew.

Strange, pregnancy-induced decorating?

Nah, just some fort building with Uncle B.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, my moment of zen.
One of my favorite things about the Raines/Crawford union - free chiropractic adjustments.

Aunt Sarah and Baby Cashew spent some time playing in the fort too. Here is Aurora climbing Baby Mountain.

This week Ava and I started a new nannying gig, and Josh is patiently waiting to be cleared by the government so he can start his summer job. If anyone official-sounding contacts you with questions about him, please say nice things...and don't mention that whole zucchini picking incident, I beg of you.


k and c's mom said...

Wow! You just about visited the entire family! I was just saw a purse with one of those 40s ladies with a big grin and the words "I don't DO camping." Ava must have a genetic skip someplace.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your time at Six Flags and with the Locketts. My favorite picture is when Gordan is holding Ava. What a great picture!! You can tell Ava loves her Coach!!! Glad you guys got some time away!! You deserved it!! Love you all!! Mom, Baba