Monday, June 28, 2010

Wicked Dreams Come True


We took Ava to see Toy Story 3 on opening night at our favorite Warren Theater. Josh and I saw the first Toy Story when we were in eighth grade, and this movie was just as magical. Parts of the film were a little intense for the Bave, and at some point of the movie each of us were in tears- although for quite different reasons. Ava because she didn't want the Toys to fall into the inferno at the dump, Josh and I because we don't ever want her to grow up. Ever.

Ava was transfixed by the beautiful rainbow-colored curtain in the theater, which rises majestically before the movie begins.

Lately Ava spends more time than ever playing with her Legos. We, read Santa, bought them for her for Christmas and she would play with them when Josh and I begged her to, mostly because we love them too. In the past couple of weeks she has really started to enjoy them alone, although we often join her. Here was a combination daddy-daughter build.

Reading color words on balloons

When we swim with M Ava usually wears her floaties. They allow her some independence in the water. We knew she would start swimming lessons at OU soon, so we had been practicing without them some.

Ready for her first swimming lessons without Daddy and Mommy in the water

The lifeguards float these nifty platforms in the 3-foot water so that the kiddos can safely wait their turn to swim. Grace and Ava love the platform!

Floating on her back

Swimming fast with the noodle, trying to reach the yellow fish.

Sweet little swimmers

Enjoying some after-gymnastics Chick Fil A ice cream

Ava loves these little gerbils at the public library.

Poor baby woke up early Wednesday morning burning up with fever.

She had no other symptoms, just a crazy high fever. The doctor said her lymp nodes were swollen, and she was probably just fighting a virus. Sweet Stacy brought her these beautiful flowers.

Ava took a little rest in the living room, check out that leg.

While she slept Grace's family brought some popsicles. We felt so loved and taken care of while Ava was sick, thanks everyone!

Once the fever princess was out for the night I got started on a little sewing project for my new nephew, Nolan Lee. Remember the shirt that started this little sewing project? I had some scraps of the shirt left and decided to use it to make a super-preppy onesie. I also used some of my favorite paisley fabric to make a second one. I saw these on ETSY and decided I could easily make them myself.

With the virus behind us we hopped on our faithful steeds and headed on down to Texas.

I know I've mentioned that when Josh and I were first married we worked at a little cafe in Brenham, Texas. Josh worked in the kitchen and I made coffee drinks, smoothies, Italian sodas and served food out front. I loved-loved-loved this job. I had so many precious customers who came in daily for their morning coffee or afternoon tea. One such customer returned from a much-coveted trip to New York City for Spring Break with news of a play. She practically ran across the cafe, grabbed both my hands over the counter and began gushing with words like 'Oz', 'amazing songs', and 'Elphaba'. She had me at Oz. I've been a BIG Wizard of Oz fan for as long as I can remember, an almost unhealthy obsession at times. So, in March of 2005 I decided that I had to see Wicked. Flash forward five years. My sweet hubby and the sweet hubby of a dear friend treated us to Wicked tickets in Dallas.

I woke up Saturday morning with 'track butterflies'. Although when I told Josh about them he said that was impossible, and then I quickly reminded him that "Uh-huh, I ran the mile in 7th grade." My state-track-meet-running-husband just shook his head.
Anyway, I was pumped!

A dream come true

Grainy, happy couple

The play was absolutely fantastic, everything I'd imagined and more.

We spent the next day relaxing with Sarah and Brandon.

Obviously, Nolan was there too.

Strolling around the fountain with Daddy

I think she wanted to jump in for a swim.

Waiting so patiently in the display window

Doesn't this look like a paparazzi shot?

Sarah got all kinds of love!


Anonymous said...

Ava looks like she is enjoying swimming classes. The little outfits you made Nolan are so adorable. I am so glad you and Josh had a wonderful time seeing Wicked. I know Sarah and Brandon loved your visit as well. I can't wait to see you guys on the July 4th weekend!!!

Love you all,
Mom (Baba)

Hannah said...

Aw aren't you two sweet :)

And I can't bring Bones because I'm "watching them instantly" on Netflix :( But they are fun and I'm sure you would like them!