Thursday, June 10, 2010

Splish Splash

Just a little coincidence that I am posting on a very special day - hope you had a happy birthday Coach!

Our summer 'routine' has officially begun. Josh has started his externship with the US Attorney's Office in Oklahoma City, thanks for keeping that zucchini incident between us. He's loving it so far, and looks terribly handsome in a suit every day (we're welcoming any donations for the Clothe The Law Student fund, suits are expensive). Ava and I are spending our summer nannying for a sweet family with passes to everything fun within driving distance from Norman. We kicked off our week at the zoo.

Ava loved these tortoises.

See what happens when you cut your own hair?

Chick-Fil-A has released a new spicy chicken sandwich (so very delicious). To promote the new sandwich their enormous cow was parading around the restaurant wearing a fireman's hat. Ava was terrified of the cow. Every time he would walk near our table she would scurry underneath the table. Luckily I caught one of these little trips down under on my phone.
We left after this picture and she finished her lunch in the car.

Swimming in the neighborhood pool with M (the kiddo I'm keeping this summer)

Watering plants for J and JK while they are out of town

Fresh-picked tomatoes with sea salt


Snap-happy Daddy

OWC (Our Wonderful Church - my new name for our church, for about a zillion reasons. Those of you who are old friends will be shocked to hear that I am co-teaching Ava's Sunday School class,'s that good.)
Anyway, OWC had a Movie Under The Stars on Sunday evening. Even on the most stifling summer days, evenings here are breezy and bearable. The night started with games, chalk and bubbles.

Big chalk is difficult to hold.

Soapy fun

Movie snacks - snowcones with sour straws

and popcorn

Not sure how the tiny girls scored these comfy beanbag chairs

The kids enjoyed the movie while most of the adults chatted behind them. Such a great night.

Between zoos, museums, pools and movies, I'm 'teaching' Ava and M for a little while each day.
My one-room schoolhouse
M worked on some pre-third grade math while Ava practiced addition and subtraction with her farm animal manipulatives.

Practicing the letter 'Cc'

M and Ava are both the only children in their families, and they're both thrilled to have someone to play with for the summer.

A run to Hobby Lobby for gray thread turned a little kooky. This was Josh's take on 'The Full Armor of God'. No worries, he's not the one teaching Sunday School.

We met up with the Browns at the splash pad at 7:00 one evening. They are genius parents, knowing that the water turns off at 8:00. No reason to argue and cry to stay longer if the very essence of the splash pad is gone. Maybe we'll be that smart someday.

Not quite ready to drench herself

Still thinking about it

Making a dash under the spray

Splashing a little more with Grace

We're not sure if Grace really likes the splash pad.

Daddy tried to talk Ava into running through the rainbow.

Soaked, finally

Grace's baby brother, Owen, watched the squealing girls - with a little leftover carrot on his chin.

Our little burritos

Today in one picture


Anonymous said...

There are two things that will make me wish I had girls: 1) Easter dresses and 2) Swimsuits!
Love, love, love her suit- and Grace's too! So very cute :-)

And OWC...awesome! Don't be surprised if you get hit up to design the next tshirt! That way you can make sure it is a good color for you ;-)

Missy (a.k.a. OWCPW)

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! So happy you are loving OWC and even happier you are co-teaching!!!! Movie night was fun indeed, enjoyed getting to chat with you too :-)