Friday, May 21, 2010

Gymnastics, Basements, and Dance 'Recycles'

Hooray for a Daddy at gymnastics and parent observation day!
We always watch the little gymnasts through the window, but on the last class of each semester we are allowed to come into the gym with our cameras.


Forward rolls high in the air

Waiting behind two other law orphans, Noah and Gabby. Don't even try to separate these three into groups. They are a package deal.

Jumping over the line

Getting ready for Donkey Kicks

The, ahem, 'donkey' part she gets from her father.

So strong

Daddy coaxing Ava to jump from the high mat into the pit.

It's a long way down.


Pleased as pie



and again

A beautiful day at the park, two sweet bow-heads and some ducks.

Trying to keep up with these mobile girls

Watch out for the goose.

Clapping to clear the sidewalk of water fowl

Tuesday brought more 'helmet weather' to our fair state. We decided to join up with some sweet friends at the student union on campus, where we could park in the garage and avoid softball size hail damage.

Keeping the mood light and fun with Cinderella on the computer and a picnic.

Trivial Pursuit therapy soothed adult nerves.

See that red/black blob on the radar? That's us.

Helmet time. A new friend joined to watch the movie while we waited.

After almost four hours as refugees, we headed home. The clouds were magnificent.

Spooky how terror can come from such beauty.

Ava had her first dance recital, she called it a 'recycle'. She danced to The Witch Doctor in a very cute cave girl outfit.
The little dancers entered the stage doing a mouse walk.
(See the whole video at the bottom of this post.)

So happy to be near her friend Grace

Really dancing!

I'm posting this picture specifically for Coach and Mimi. See that little Josh Lockett tongue out the side of her mouth as she concentrates? Melts my heart every time.

Almost time to perform for the whole crowd.

Precious Waggoner family brought flowers to all the North Haven girlies in the 'recycle'.

Susie and Mary came just for Ava.

Celebrating with frozen yogurt

Baba, Pops (not pictured here), and Uncle Nate came to visit for the weekend and were thrilled to catch Ava's dancing.

Entertaining a very captive audience of adoring fans.

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