Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teacher Without Borders and Snot Rockets

Teaching our children is so much more than worksheets and textbooks.
Since the Farmer's Market opened for the season, we have been buying our eggs from the same family farm. When we made our first purchase they mentioned that they like to have the empty egg cartons returned. Ava has taken this as her own responsibility. As soon as we empty the eggs into the container in our refrigerator, she places the carton in our Farmer's Market bag to return the next week. Here she is completing the mission:

Intrigued by the ladybug colonies for sale, we talked about how they are good for gardens because ladybugs eat aphids, who eat the leaves of our plants.

She said a heartfelt 'thank you' to the ladybugs for protecting our gardens.

Our eggs and some local asparagus (first time to buy it this season, always sold out)

One of Ava's favorite lunches, no, we're not always at Chick Fil A.

Scrambled eggs, tomatoes with sea salt, grapes and cheese

Usually we have 'school' at the castle, but sometimes we like a little change of scenery.

After a little breakfast
no scary smile, bad scary smile, go back where you came from

it's down to business.

Matching shadows and spelling animal names

Counting carrots and identifying the numbers that match the correct quantities in each row

Completing the capital arch and spelling words in the -at family
Thanks so much to Rayeanne for the wonderful phonics book sets to scaffold for these lessons!

With finals looming in the very near future (first one Tuesday), Ava and I were thrilled to head to Tulsa on a road trip with The Wonderful Wilsons.

They took us on a slight detour for dinner.

We ate at Pops.
See how the walls of the diner/gas station look strange?

This is why.

Gajillions of soda types to choose from, in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma.
Of course Ava made her choice from the Orange section.

Yummy greasy diner food! Ava inhaled a 1/4 pound hot dog with mustard, cheese and chow chow all by herself.

The walls above us, thanks Geoff for these great shots.

My choice of beverage. It was like Christmas and Sprite mated. Delicious.

The Bave's choice

Susie's choice, fail.
Ever sucked on a pine tree? Blech.

With the famous-ish Pops bottle

The also famous-ish Arcadia Round Barn

We were in Tulsa to help The Wonderful Wilsons house-sit. It was a tough job, let me tell you. Here is the view from our suite:

Silly and ready for day one of swimming

Breezy outside, 97 degrees in the water - dreamy.

The rain clouds cut into the middle of our swimming on Saturday. We did some window shopping in Utica Square and a little more than window shopping at THE ONLY WHOLE FOODS IN OKLAHOMA.

From scratch Margherita Pizza, thanks Whole Foods!

With tummies full and rain clouds outta' sight we hopped back in for a warm night swim.

Sunday morning dragon-slaying with Geoff

Such a little fish

Soaking up some rays with Mommy

Swimming lessons with Lifegaurd Susie, Esq.

Mouth closed tight, kicking furiously

Ready to jump


Tight-lipped splash
A half dozen jumps into the pool with her nose under led to another valuable lesson in swimming - the Snot Rocket. You know, pretend you're blowing your nose, only there is no Kleenex. Eventually she learned to hold her breath and keep her nose up...resulting in this darling expression.

One tuckered out baby girl

With her nap out of the way, she played with her princess friends on the way home.

Words cannot express our thanks to The Wonderful Wilsons for a most relaxing weekend. We worked on our butterfly strokes, our tans, ate well, laughed, had therapy, and even finished up laundry for the week. We'll help you house-sit anytime!


Hannah said...

What a fun trip and weekend! Nate and I missed all of you this weekend at B&S's. See you soon maybe?

Lindsay said...

Oh that pizza looks incredible!!

The Waggoners said...

GREAT pictures!