Monday, May 25, 2009

Herbs and Health

Do you love the dollar section at Target as much as I do? I found these adorable herb garden starters for a dollar each. They were the perfect evening project for Ava. We planted, oregano, basil, and chives together. She loves Rabbit's garden on My Friends Tigger and Pooh, so it was very exciting for her to plant her own garden. She now refers to my windowsill as "Ava's Garden".

First we put some soil in the little terracotta pot.

She poked holes in the soil to make room for the seeds.

Next she planted the tiny seeds.

Finally she put the remaining soil on top.
Did you know that planting seeds could look so prissy?

Here is Ava's garden, all finished in my kitchen sink windowsill.
We can't wait to transplant them into my larger herb garden.

We spent Saturday in Clifton.
Baba gave Ava water balloons to play with in the pool.

Beach babes

Baba helps Ava slide into her little pool.


We are so lucky to have a chiropractor-in-training (less than a year to go, woohoo) in our family. Brandon was gracious enough to adjust Ava and me this weekend. When he's adjusting us she is always by his side, instructing us where to put our hands. Ava is a very busy girl, but when she's being adjusted, either by Brandon, or Dr. Bergren, or Dr. Lederman, she is so calm. She had her first adjustment at 6 months, and she has never budged on the table. It's like she knows they're helping her. I have to say, she seems to do the very best for Uncle B.

Now he adjusts her neck. She's still and relaxed the entire time.

Ava thanks Uncle Brandon with a big hug.

Smooches with Aunt Sarah

This picture cracks me up, look at her cutting those eyes. She's such a ham

Pops and Ava enjoy the beautiful Saturday evening on the front porch swing.

On Sunday after church we visited Coach, Mimi, Beene Beene, and Aunt Jaryn in Frost.
Coach fried up a gigantic zucchini from his garden, seriously this ONE zucchini fed all of us. Ava squeezed him tight.

Silly Ava, hid inside Mimi's screened-in pantry. Beene Beene pretended to be hunting for her, then Ava would pop out and shout, "Here I am!"

The following is a non-paid commercial for general toddler heath and well being!

Another thing I love about our chiropractic contacts is all the amazing health advice we get. Not to knock our wonderful pediatrician or family doctors, but I truly feel like the chiropractors in our life care about our well being. Ava takes a chewable daily multivitamin called Catalyn by Standard Process.

We also put 1/4 teaspoon (half the dose on the label until she's 3) of Primal Defense Kids Probiotic Formula in her juice once a day. We have seen such an amazing boost in her immune system since we started these wonder vitamins! The combination of balanced menu, vitamin supplements, and adjustments keep our baby girl they're cheaper than copays and perscriptions.
(And they don't require Josh and I to pull an all-nighter rocking a feverish toddler, priceless.)

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