Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lovely June

A quick update on Ava's garden.

We have sprouts!

Ava's hair is getting so long. I don't style it or curl it at all, just blowdry upside down. I wish mine would do this!

the back

On Sunday morning Ava requested to wear her pink dress and jewelry. She looked like such a big girl. Seriously, is it normal for 2 to look like 7?

After church Ava helped Coach pick some squash, lettuce, and turnips from his garden.


Returning with the veggies

On Monday we found out that the kiddos would be having a little awards ceremony after gymnastics class. We called the grandparents, and they graciously drove to Waco to see Ava's first "event". Here she is with Baba and Mimi...what a lucky gal.
(Forgive the scowl on her face in these pictures, she really was happy.)

Cheesin' it up with Coach

A little girltalk while they wait for their turn

Studying the cartwheel mat

The bar is Ava's favorite part of gymnastics.

Too shy to strike the "ta-da" pose on the podium, but very proud of her "necklace"

Proud little gymnasts

With her coach, Ms. Becky

A little bragging:

Not sure how legal this is, but I have to show off my writers. These students were the 44 who earned commended performance on the Writing TAKS test. Thanks to their hard work, and a little help from the other subjects and grade levels, our campus is Exemplary this year!
I hate standardized tests, but if you have to take them you might as well rock 'em.

This pose is supposed to be what their faces looked like on the day of the Writing TAKS test.

We told them to be silly.

I wrapped up my third year of teaching today, cleared my classroom and turned in my badge and keys. Thankfully, a peaceful calm has surrounded me. I've been dreading these days, knowing they would be hard. Spring Valley has been my second home for the past three years. In my little room 31 I have taught some amazing students to write from their hearts, blown the circuit with crazy science experiments, read twelve novels aloud, pumped (your welcome Ava James), shared secrets with friends that would make your mama blush, found my "teacher voice", rapped, developed "the look", and learned how to stand on my own two feet. Can't wait to see where they take me next...


k and c's mom said...

Seriously, you looked that old when YOU were two! Looks like you are off to a great summer. Teaching is just the perfect job. (And until I have grandchildren, Ava is the CUTEST kid ever.)

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures. Ava has grown up so fast. She has a great dad and mom!!! Your writing concerning your time at school, it made me cry. I am so proud of you!!! Any mom would be so proud to have you as a daughter!! I love you all and I am going to miss you all terribly!!!!!!!

Mom (BaBa)

Alex said...

Well Mrs.Lockett I think you are the best writing teacher I EVER had!!! Ava is so cute!!