Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Happiest of Happy Hours

The title of this post is family friendly, I promise. My mom gave me a $5.00 Sonic gift card a few weeks ago, and we have been using it during happy hour for half-price drinks. We've used it three times now, and still have .78 left! I think the math to figure out how we have money left on it would require carbon dating-style formulas with the prices of Cherry Limeades and Diet Vanilla Cokes stuck in somewhere. But I digress. We're still going 100 mph getting the most out of summer days. On Friday we went to the Ranger game with Sarah and Ray Miller, also known as Brother Ray and Preacher-Wife Sarah at FBC Mertens. We sat in great seats in the All You Can Eat section.

I was pretty freaked out by the weather that evening. The clouds were ominous, and lightening crackled throughout the game. Josh assured me it was "cloud to cloud" and I had nothing to worry about, although I'm not sure the lightening got that memo.

Our view of the baseball game

Our "table" since we were on the front row of our secion

Beautiful, scary clouds

On Saturday one of my best friends, Tammy Humphrey, was the glamorous mother-of-the-groom in Pflugerville. I've taught with Tammy at Spring Valley for the past three years. She's taught me so much about teaching, students, parents, fashion, raising kids, being a friend, On the Border, and so much more. I'll miss her terribly when we move!

Fashionista Beene Beene worked some more magic. Click on this picture to view Ava's outfit. Sunday was a big celebration at our church. First Baptist Church Mertens, Texas turned 125 years old. The morning was a lovely history of faith and perseverance.

Monday was a day of firsts. Mom recently bought sewing machines for Sarah (I'd love to link Sarah's name to her blog, but she hasn't joined blog-land yet...come on Sarah!) and me. I had several sewing lessons, and frantic phone calls with Mom and actually completed a couple of projects, pictures to follow soon. Another first was that Josh and I decided to try and make our own pasta. We've often made our own sauce, but Alton Brown convinced us to make tortellini. I won't say it was perfect or easy, but we had fun AND it was yummy.

Our sauce

Our tortellini filled with cheese and spinach
(click on Alton Brown above for the recipe and directions)

Ava loved it!

Happy to finally eat dinner at 9:07!

On Tuesday Tammy and Zach invited us to swim at their house.

Did I mention they had a slide?
Brave Ava and Daddy climbed the ladder.


Tammy helps Ava slide all by herself.

Halfway is far enough for her.

Spash into Daddy's arms.

Balancing on Mommy's shoulders

Ava enjoyed her Sonic drink on the way home and ended the afternoon in her usual way.

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k and c's mom said...

Ohhhhh! How sweet! i was reading this when your Mom called and we talked and laughed about your sweet family. Keep having a special summer.