Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduation Day

On Friday, May 15, Josh graduated from Truett Seminary at Baylor University.
Here we are, on our way to the graduation lunch.

Courtney and Patrick, sweet friends at the graduation lunch.

Most of the graduates in their robes. They were the largest graduating class in Truett's history, 45.

Josh and Patrick in their robes. We look forward to seeing where God will take them in their future.

Josh worked as a Graduate Assistant for Dr. Brewer for the past two years. At the graduate lunch I heartily thanked him for the grocery money.

Josh Lockett fan club: Baba, Pops, Coach, Ava James, Mimi, Pa, Nan, and Jaryn. We were only supposed to have seven seats in the chapel, but oh well.

Mommy and Ava waiting for Daddy to graduate.

Ava, Courtney and I before graduation. It's hard to believe that Ava was only 5 months old when we first had dinner with the Broaddus family. We just celebrated our 2nd "friendaversary". Courtney and Patrick are at Disneyworld right now. I'm so jealous!

Ava had to smell the flowers at the front of the chapel, gorgeous.

Baba gave Ava a snack and a shared a story to distract her for the beginning of Josh's graduation. Ava was quiet, but very busy during the ceremony.

Coach and Mimi keep Ava quiet for the middle of the graduation.

Jaryn keeps Ava entertained for the last part of the ceremony.

The moment, Josh received his diploma from Dr. Garland.

Heading out of the chapel, diploma in hand

We made it!

Proud Mom and Dad

Josh with his Nan and Pa, precious

Smooching my grad

(Josh was the only Aggie graduating from Truett, so we felt it was necessary to include some A&M traditions in the evening.)

Sarah and I could not be more proud of our guys.

Handsome fellas

Sweet siblings

The Millers, Arnolds, and Locketts...great friends on a great day

I snapped this picture from a window on Truett's third floor. The gold cross on top of the roof barely shows, but still a neat shot.

After graduation we went to Ninfas to celebrate. Luckily, our good friend Ryan works there and helped us turn a 2 hour wait into a 25 minute wait...for 20 people on a busy graduation Friday it was no small miracle! Here's a blurry shot of Josh and me.

Baba and Pops celebrate

Josh and Ava celebrate

Ava gives Daddy some graduation advice.

Pa, Nan, and Nate celebrate

Jaryn and Mimi celebrate

Kristyn and Ryan Arnold (along with Baby Arnold, not yet available for non-ultra-sound photographs), Chris Doe, and Ray and Sarah Miller celebrated graduation too.

"Three cheers for Daddy," Ava claps happily.

Our day concluded with chocolate cinnamon congratulatory cake for Josh and Ray.
A BIG thanks to Lori Kleibrink for baking the cake on such short notice.

I can't believe Josh's time at Truett is finished. When I think back to his first day, three short years ago, it seems like yesterday and eons ago at the same time. I was starting my first year as a fourth grade teacher and was 7 months pregnant with Ava James. We were building our house, and anticipating a life in ministry. Now we're on the other side of graduation and so much has changed. I'm a seasoned writing teacher, Ava is two, and we're trying to sell our little house. Josh's career path has drastically changed. I can't imagine how different things will be at the end of our next three years, when Josh graduates from OU Law.


k and c's mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so proud of you all. Loved the pictures of everyone, but I have to say your daughter is THE CUTEST on on them! I am just thrille for you!

Judy Lockett said...

What a wonderful day! Josh, we are so proud of you! Good luck to all of you - we know God has great things planned in your future- just wish it wasn't four hours away! We love you so much! ~
Mom & Dad

Canderson said...

Hey! Thanks again for suggesting Frenkie's for lunch, it was so good! It was really fun reconnecting with you guys. I'm just sad you'll soon be moving! My blog is: if you ever want to visit. :) Oh, and we need to get in touch so Marc can get the books from Josh for that Dorrell class. Let me know what works best for you guys. We can stop by sometime if that is most convienient.