Thursday, December 10, 2009


Since Josh's finals started on Tuesday Ava and I headed out of town for the weekend. He had the cozy castle all to himself and we were pampered in Clifton.

I've found that when we are with either set of Ava's grandparents I come out with less pictures than I plan. I'm not sure if it's because we are so relaxed, or just having so much fun that I don't grab my camera to snap along the way. Or maybe it's because this blog is 80% to give the grandparents an Ava fix when we're gone and I figure they know what happened while we were home. Whatever the real reason is, know that we had many unphotographed fun times with Baba and Pops.

On Saturday morning I headed to brunch with teacher friends and then to meet sweet baby Jack Arnold. Ava stayed to help Baba make gingerbread cookies.

Other than one who turned out looking like a close-up version of a fruit fly the cookies were adorable. Not many people in our family enjoy gingerbread, but my mom loves them enough for all of us. She bakes batches and batches. She even decorates the house with them. Long before there was a grandchild she would tell us that someday her grandkids would love gingerbread too. Well, I guess God heard Mom's desperate pleas for gingerbread-lovin' grandbabies. Ava LOVES the spicy little cookies.

I'm still not sure what all the fuss is about. What's a cookie without chocolate?

After experiencing some of the Norwegian Christmas Festival in Clifton we went on a country drive. Here are Ava and Pops at the waterfall.

Ava and I were a welcome study break for HLS when we returned on Sunday evening.

One final down, three more to go...then we're on vacation for a month!


Hannah said...

Yay for vacation!! I arrived home yesterday. I am now spending the day wrapping presents and possibly getting a certain someone's Christmas present since I drew her name ;)

k and c's mom said...

Tell your mom to save some of those gingerbread babies for me.